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Why is euphoria Season 2 so different?


Euphoria is a series that revolves around high school students. While the first season of Euphoria was focused on how life can be different from what you expected, Season 2 has to do with how life changes even as you think it’s staying the same. A lot is happening at once this season, and it’s wilder than ever!

What we knew.

As a producer working on season 1 of Euphoria, I can tell you that the writer’s room was highly collaborative. We were always discussing where to take the characters and story arcs. The writers all came up with ideas; then, we would vote on which ones we wanted to pursue in each episode.

There are some things that we didn’t know about either season 1 or 2 when they began production – things only became apparent after the episodes were written and edited together. For example: In season one, it wasn’t until later drafts of episodes 6-8 that it became clear how much time had passed between seasons (about eight months), so those plot points needed adjusting accordingly; likewise, the final scene at prom was not outlined until very late in production because it took a while for us all to agree upon what would happen there!

The voiceover.

The voiceover is a distinctive part of Euphoria’s storytelling style. It is what you hear while watching the show, and it comes from Rue’s point of view as she narrates her journal entries.

As a character, Rue has been through so much by the time we meet her in Season 2 that she has a lot to say. First, we learn that she grew up with an abusive father and struggled with addiction early on in life. Still, those struggles have made her into someone who wants to become an addictologist when she grows up—someone who will help others overcome their addictions and deal with any trauma they’ve experienced.

The timeline.

In the first season of Euphoria, we’re introduced to a group of high school students navigating the changing world around them. The show is set in 2022 and takes place in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a post-millennium setting that’s still recovering from the effects of cryptocurrency and other recent technological advancements. You see this played out through characters’ interactions with their phones, mainly when they use apps like Instagram to document parts of their lives—but also when they’re dealing with more serious issues like sexual assault or bullying.

Euphoria Season 2 has followed suit by taking place in 2022 but also introduces a few new aspects: where it takes place (Ohio becomes just Ohio) and how things have changed since then (since everything has changed). It follows Rue Bennett as she navigates her senior year at Lancer High School for Arts & Entertainment—a private high school for kids whose families make up part of Hollywood’s elite class. Rue is one such kid; her father is an actor who recently won an Emmy Award for his work on The Maude Project, which was cancelled after its second season due to low ratings despite being well-reviewed by critics across multiple outlets, including Variety magazine, where it was listed as one of its top 10 shows under 50 minutes long at #6 overall–and now he has decided not only not give up acting but also pursue directing! Unfortunately, this means that Rue will no longer be able to live with him because his new condo isn’t big enough…

A new character to fill Rue’s role.

In season 1, the character of Rue was a little bit of an outlier. She was one of the few characters who didn’t attend Caulfield University and instead worked as an investigative journalist. As a result, the role she played in the series was to question what was happening around her and not just accept things at face value.

Euphoria Season 2 brought a new character named Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer). This character is similar to Rue because she’s also a journalist working on exposing Kappa Kappa Tau but also has some other differences that make her stand out from them.

Euphoria season 2 has a lot of differences from season 1.

The voiceover is the most apparent difference from season 1. In season 1, the narrator was Rue Baker, a former student at Euphoria High School who had been expelled for having an affair with her teacher. Rue’s narration allowed viewers to understand what it felt like to be an outsider in this elite environment and gave us a sense of how she felt about everything that happened there.

But in season 2? The narrator isn’t anyone we’ve met before—she’s someone new (and very different) who gives us her perspective on all the events unfolding at Euphoria High School.


Euphoria is one of the most ambitious shows on television, with a large cast and high-stakes drama.

Section: The show’s creator, Nick Jones, originally wanted to make a show that felt like Gossip Girl but with teens who were more realistic in their choices and relationships.

Section: With Season 2, fans are getting an even more complex storyline that dives into topics like sexual assault and drug addiction.

Section: The first season was about high schoolers finding first love, but now it’s all about how complicated those feelings can be.

Section: Season 1 was about exploring what it means to grow up; now we’re seeing those characters struggle with adulthood—and how growing up can be traumatic for some people. Take Lexi (Sophia Taylor Ali), for example—she experienced bullying during her time at Euphoria High School and continues to deal with anxiety as she navigates her post-graduation life, as well as her struggles with substance abuse after being raped by someone close to her who won’t stop texting despite knowing she’s trying so hard not let him back into her life again after being dumped out cold without any explanation or justification whatsoever which is why I’m writing this review because I feel strongly towards watching this series again someday soon if there ever comes another season! “Euphoria” has been renewed for season 3, which will premiere sometime in 2020 or 2021, depending on its production schedule, so hopefully, there’ll be something new coming out soon before then! Thank you so much for reading!”

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