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Why Har Ghar Tiranga was launched?

Why Har Ghar Tiranga was launched?

Har Ghar Tiranga The Indian government has recently launched a new scheme that is aimed at encouraging citizens to buy the national flag and display it outside their homes. The aim of this scheme is to make it easier for people to do so, as well as provide them with more incentives to do so. This will hopefully lead to an increase in the number of Indians who fly the tricolour outside their homes on national holidays and other special occasions.

What is Har Ghar Tiranga?

Har Ghar Tiranga is a scheme launched by the Central Government of India. The scheme was launched on 30th October 2018 and it will be run till 29th October 2020.

The main objective of this scheme is to promote patriotism among Indians and to make people aware about the five symbols (national flag, national anthem, national emblem, national song and national festival) which are an integral part of our country.

What is the aim of this scheme?

The aim of this scheme is to promote patriotism and encourage people to fly the national flag. This is an effort by the government to create a sense of unity among the people. It will also create a sense of pride and patriotism, which will help in building a strong nation.

How can you contribute to the scheme?

You can contribute to the scheme by

  • Tiranga flag.
  • painting of Tiranga .
  • poster of Tiranga .
  • Calander of Tiranga calendar, which is available in both English and Hindi versions.

Who will benefit most from this scheme?

Har Ghar Tiranga is a scheme meant to benefit everyone equally, with the benefits increasing in proportion to the level of need. For example, while those who have no roof over their head will get more than those who have a roof but no food, both groups will receive similar amounts of money because they are considered to be equal in terms of how much it costs them to live in India.

This means that people who earn less than Rs 500 per day will receive more money than someone earning Rs 30 000 per month – but it also means that if you earn Rs 30 000 per month and you lose your job or become unemployed for whatever reason, you’ll still get enough money every month through Har Ghar Tiranga to make sure your family doesn’t suffer too much while waiting for things to improve on their own.

What are the expected results?

The scheme will be a great way to promote the spirit of patriotism among the citizens. People will learn about the importance of national symbols, as well as their significance in uniting people.

It will also help them understand why Independence Day, Republic Day and other such occasions are celebrated with such pomp and show. It will get them thinking about how important it is for all Indians to unite so that we can fight against injustice together, instead of being divided by caste or religion or language barriers.

What will be the impact on the Indian economy?

The scheme will help the Indian economy by increasing the demand for gold and silver. This will lead to an increase in earnings of jewellers, who are a large number of people. The increased demand will also generate additional employment opportunities in this sector.

In addition to gold, Har Ghar Tiranga is also expected to boost silver sales in India as well as other precious metals like platinum and palladium.

The scheme has been launched with a noble goal and it should be encouraged by everyone.

The scheme has been launched with a noble goal and it should be encouraged by everyone. This scheme will help in building a sense of patriotism in the country, as every citizen will do their bit to promote the national flag and the national anthem. The scheme is also aimed at promoting the spirit of unity in India, which has been lacking for many years now. It will also help people come together as one nation under God, with many religions living peacefully side by side.

The prime minister said that this initiative was taken up because we need more unity than ever before and all Indians must come together to make sure that we are able to achieve our goals as one nation working towards making India proud once again!


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