You are currently viewing WHO reports on Corona re outbreak

WHO reports on Corona re outbreak

The world health organization has bought down some special news on corona outbreak today. Here presents some of them.

  • It’s the United States confirming the highest number of confirmed CORONA cases with exposing its death rates globally.
  • As per news reports, there are more than 50,000 people dead suffering from corona across the United States.
  • The CDC says people who are vaccinated can meet indoor without taking any physical distancing measures.

Updates on Covid 19 Numbers

Here come some exclusive updates on covid 19 numbers.

  • As per John Hopkins University, globally there are more than 134.2 millions confirmed cases and more than 2.9 millions associated deaths from COVID-19.
  • The United States has reported more than 31 million confirmed cases.
  • It’s reported that more than 560,000 people have died of corona in the United States.
  • More than 112 million people across United States have received their first dosage of COVID 19 and more than 66.2 million people are fully vaccinated as per the CDC report.

PDT- the variant first got into identity in Brazil on the rise in U.S., the CDC report says:-

 With the new U.S. covid -19 Cases trending upward and nearly 80,000 new infections being reported. The health officials warn about the spread of multiple and more transmissible corona virus variants. Some of which have caused outbreak in the states like Michigan and California. As per the centers of disease control and prevention, this corona variant got first detected in the United Kingdom, B.1.1.7. Has accounted for nearly 20,000 cases in around 50 states and is considered to be the new dominating variant.

The CDC is been closely monitoring these variants of concern and these variants have mutations all in the virus genome which alter the characteristics and cause virus to act in different manner. This would further make the way different and significant to the public health. As reported, around 434 people across United States have contracted the variant and the largest number is recorded in Massachusetts, Illinois and Florida.

Vaccines and Pfizer (To Seek UAE for the COVID vaccine for children)

As per reports, there is no vaccine currently available for COVID 19 for kids under the age of 16. But Pfizer and BioNTech have taken the response as declared by food and drug administration for expanding their emergency use authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine to include the dosage for children as young as 12 years.

With new and fresh data released by the companies has reportedly shown that vaccines appear to be effective and safe in younger children. Further experts have been reported to focus on creating the COVID 19 treatment which doesn’t need to be given through injection or infusion.

With further reports from STAT, the experts hope to create new pills that will be calibrated to target the corona virus which would not just be economical but should also bear tolerable side effects. Indeed it could be potential to work as well as provide a new dimension in antibody treatment which requires hour long intravenous infusion. It’s a priority that the most priority of vaccine making would impact the society to higher extent.

Today the WHO is looking forward to something which can provide every one with urgent care and better results to those with positive test. As per Dr. Nathaniel Erdmann, who is working as an infectious disease specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. There must be an oral drug designed which should be easy and safe with least and normal side effects.

As STAT reported that the drug maker Merck is expecting to provide with present pivotal data on oral treatment which is quite similar to remdesiver.

Now it’s the Atea pharmaceuticals which were the first one to develop the vaccines for hepatitis, C Virus that is expected to provide with pivotal results in the next months. But the most promising ones is the antiviral from Pfizer which is specifically engineered for corona virus. This has entered its first clinical trial last month and is expected to bring back best of results sooner.

More of vaccinations are going to be seen soon

It is possible that, over 25 % of U.S. adults are not fully vaccinated against COVID 19. As per data from the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) being reported by NBC news. However vaccination is now picking up new ways with expectation to bring ahead best of results and is going to help with eradicating the corona virus and its growing impact. The milestone comes on with the states being eligible for COVID 19 vaccination. The new corona virus variant is spreading rapidly in the United States and the COVID 19 cases are again moving ahead in a upward dimension.

Changing guidelines and guidance by UK and Europe on AstraZeneca vaccine

The U.K. government and the health experts together has rushed to defend the COVID -19 vaccine developed by the Astra Zeneca and the university of oxford following the concerns over possibilities to blood clots as being reported by the CNBC. Now it’s recommended that anyone younger than 30 must receive an alternative vaccine. It’s also true that there is no effective medicine or vaccine without risk. So it’s the duty of the medicos and researchers to monitor the safety during the widespread use of vaccine. This would further ensure that the vaccines are performing as expected to identify any kind of new side effects that might arises and also ensure benefits continuing to outweigh the risks associated with it.

As of the new report, the UK might reach herd immunity this month. With reports on Telegraph the United Kingdom would theoretically reach herd immunity by Monday based on the modeling done by the University of College London. The threshold might be reached due to both increased vaccination and the fact that people would previously had COVID 19 will likely have some best immunity against reinfection.

Still the base of vaccination remains theoretical, but the researchers are giving their full effort to overcome 2nd waves of corona virus in near future.

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