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What’s Coronavirus and Binod? Indians Survived 2020 by Asking Google Simply the Proper Questions


Some years are so pivotal that they remain etched in history for generations to come. 2020 is one such year. Collectively, we saw the world being turned upside down. Loss and isolation. Death and illness. Racial unrest. But for some of us, who like to look at the silver lining, – this is also the year we found a “new normal.”

Very different from the life we had known before the virus took over the world and more than 1.5 billion died, but a “new normal” nonetheless — one befitting of the circumstances. And for that, Google has stood by us, providing answers as we desperately searched how to make dalgona coffee at home or work-from-home tips.

We also turned to Google for quick explanations to better understand what was happening around the world.

As part of its ‘Year in Search 2020’, Google has released what Indians most searched for this year across categories. And coronavirus seemed to top all categories, including the ‘What is’ category. Topping the list was the rather helpless question – “What is coronavirus?”

With Covid-19 taking millions of lives, destroying livelihoods, separating families from loved ones, and effectually bringing life to a standstill across most parts of the world, many in India turned to the internet for help and solace.

In some happy news, India’s caseload has gone down drastically in the last few days. In the latest update, India recorded over 24,000 new coronavirus infections taking its total toll to 99,56,558. However, the number of active cases currently is a little over 3 lakh, which is just 3.24% of the total caseload.

Apart from “What is coronavirus?”, Indians also looked up symptoms of Covid-19 and the treatment methods used for coronavirus patients.

The second most searched topic on the list, however, is sure to bring a smile to your face — “What is Binod?”. Admit it or not, a genuinely large chunk of Indians Googled ‘Binod’ at one point or the other. The trend, of course, is a reference to the viral meme born out of a random comment on a YouTube video where a user wrote just one word — you guessed it, Binod.

If you want to know who exactly Binod is, read this.

Other top searches in India included – “What is plasma therapy?”, “What is colon infection?”, “What is CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019)”, “What is hantavirus?” and “What is nepotism?”

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Priorities for Indians, however, remained unchanged — virus or no virus.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and related searches and queries setting the mood for this year’s Google Search trends, recent statistics released by Google indicate that IPL (Indian Premier League) was the most searched Google trend in India in 2020. Yes, in a year that saw millions of deaths and widespread loss of livelihood across the world, ‘IPL’ was the top trending search in India.


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