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What to know about the mediatakeout in 2022? 

What to know about the mediatakeout in 2022? 

mediatakeout is an urban news platform well-known for its timely reporting of events in the African-American entertainment sectors, with a focus on music, film, fashion, humour, and lifestyle. The site has been online since 2005 and has expanded to include over 130 writers and contributors. Mediatakeout is the first African-American blog with articles published on a daily basis.

The mediatakeout is also the most popular destination of choice for African American celebrities seeking to connect with their fans through exclusive interviews, questions, quotes from in-depth profile interviews, as well as candid photos taken by our team of onsite photographers. Other sections include videos, podcasts and games so that readers can interact not only with content but also with other members of the community.

What is a Mediatakeout?

Mediatakeout is a hybrid of the traditional blog, social news outlet, and online magazine and newspaper. Much like traditional media outlets, it is designed to provide timely news. Unlike most traditional media outlets, however, it does not solely focus on breaking news but also on interviewing celebrities and providing extended profiles for those who are interesting enough to receive the treatment. The site started in 2005 as a personal blog written by founder and former “College Park Voice” editor Keith Noreiga under the name “Mediatakeout” in order to draw attention to some of his favorite artists at the time.

Who is the Founder of Mediatakeout?

Mediatakeout was founded by Fred Mwangaguhunga. He was born in Queens, New York to a couple of African heritage hailing from Uganda in Africa’s east. He moved to the US in 1996. He attended Howard University in DC. He earned his BA with a double major in Political Science and Sociology at Wilberforce University in Ohio. Noreiga grew up and attended Catholic schools, which is where he picked up his passion for music and formed his first rock band at the young age of 15. He decided to pursue journalism for a semester before deciding that it was not for him, but rather media law. When he finished college, he began working as an intern at “College Park Voice” and began writing under his new moniker “Mediatakeout”.

Why was the name of the site chosen? 

The name was chosen as a point of communication. In addition to the obvious meaning, it encompasses all that Mediatakeout stands for: a hybrid of music, news, entertainment and lifestyle. The name also serves as a metaphor for how the site is not just about a person’s favorite music but also how they express themselves through media in many ways. It is all about finding ways in which to use communication.

It is through music or through an interview or through an image that speaks volumes at times. It is all about the takeout or takeaway. In the 2010s, Mediatakeout has become a popular source for African American entertainment news. It has also gained popularity from celebrities and musicians who release exclusive interviews, videos and photos with the site’s journalists. Some of these artists include Kanye West, Lil Kim, Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain and Wale.

About the genesis of Media TakeOut: 

In September 2005, founder and former “College Park Voice” editor Keith Noreiga took his blogging hobby to the next level when he launched media takeout. The site was started as a way to inform the masses of all that is hip, hot and happening in the world of black entertainment with a majority focus on music. It covers everything from new music releases and concert news, to videos from some of the hottest artists in the game. Mediatakeout’s other sections include: lifestyle, fashion and humor, health and wellness.

What Happened to Mediatakeout?

  1. Noreiga left College Park Voice and moved to New York to pursue a career in law.
  2. Noreiga started writing under the Mediatakeout brand as he felt that it is where he shined the most and was best at.
  3. He worked with Channel 4 news, CBS radio, WBLS radio and many others until he decided to launch his own website to serve as a hub for all things black entertainment.
  4. The site was launched on September 15, 2005.
  5. Mediatakeout has over 127,000 readers a day and owns over 53,000 followers on Twitter.
  6. Noreiga stated that there are many young people who are not learning about their culture due to the fact that they do not know where to find it. He is trying to build the awareness of how music and entertainment can be used as a form of communication that resonates in deeper ways with the audience he is reaching out to.

Do you write a lot for Media TakeOut yourself?

Yes. I am a writer by trade. I have worked on various projects that have been published in multiple columns and magazines, including Billboard, Billboard Top 20 Hip Hop Chart and media take out. These are the three most popular blogs by readers around the world: Mediatakeout, TheVerge and Panoramik (a tribute to my aunt), as well as Shonduras Media.

What is your favorite part of being an editor? 

My favorite part of being an editor is how much people care about what I do. There is a level of passion in the blogging community that I have never seen before and that is clearly evidenced in the response to Mediatakeout. In fact, my favorite part about what I do is reading all of your comments, letters and e-mails.

What are some things you would like to change about Mediatakeout? 

I would like to see more features coming from people I have never thought of as writers, but have become major celebrities without even knowing it. For example, when we had Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the site recently, we did not know how they were going to react.

Final Verdict: 

Mediatakeout has been a great source of information for music and entertainment news but the true test will come when it is able to survive in the digital world. The site has already gained many loyal followers and is more than sure to continue attracting new ones with the help of its editors, writers and contributors. The site publishes new articles on a daily basis. Articles include news, blogs, interviews and features. Mediatakeout also features celebrity profiles, music reviews, audio clips, photos and videos from artists.

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