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What happens in Episode 6 of Outer Range?


In episode 6 of Outer Range, we talk about episode 6 of Season 1. We discuss what happens, what we liked and didn’t like, and how it sets up the rest of the season! If you want to know more about what happened in these episodes before jumping headfirst into them, this is for you!

What happens in Episode 6 of Outer Range?

Episode 6 of Outer Range is full of surprises. The episode starts with a bang, and the tension never lets up. It’s exciting, scary, and will leave you wanting more!

Episode 6 ends with a cliffhanger that will have you clamouring for Episode 7 so that you can find out what happens next.

Episode 6 of ‘Outer Range’ is full of twists, turns, and surprises.

As you can imagine, episode 6 of Outer Range is full of twists, turns, and surprises. And here’s how it all went down:

When we last left our intrepid band of adventurers, they were headed to the town of Skellsby to meet with a man named Jack MacMurdo, who had hired them to retrieve his stolen ship. Everything seemed fine until they arrived at the inn where Jack was staying, only to find that he had been murdered! Who killed him? Was it one of your players? Was it one of the other characters in this story? We may never know…

Episode 6 deals with Phillip and Andy’s friendship, hunting, and ranching.

In Episode 6, outer range, Phillip and Andy’s relationship is tested. Andy is still grieving the loss of his brother, who died in the helicopter crash. He’s also angry at Phillip for not telling him about the bear hunt before he arrives in Montana.

When Andy discovers that Phillip has been lying to him about being a rancher and hunting animals, he calls out Phillip for it, saying it was cruel to put him through all this when he was trying to be friends with him all along. They argue over what happened at the ranch when they were kids (Andy thought they were going on a camping trip), but they come together in the end because they both love ranching so much and know how important it is to each other’s lives.

Episode 6 gives us some clues but leaves us wanting more answers.

Outer range episode 6, “The Door,” is full of surprises. (Not really; we all knew that if you’re reading this.) We learn more about the characters and their relationships with each other. But while it’s a good episode, there are still some questions that remain unanswered:

  • What happened to Nikolai? He disappeared at the end of Episode 4. Will we see him again? And what was his role in all of this?
  • Is Elizabeth real or just an AI with access to much information about humans? How does she know all these things about them?
  • Will Jethro ever get his memory back to remember who he was before waking up on this spaceship? And what happens when he does remember who he used to be—will it change anything for him and the others on board Outer Range?

Percival turns Fanning to the cops in episode 6.

In outer range episode 6, Percival turns Fanning to the cops.

Percival is a character in this episode and was also a friend of Phillip’s. He was introduced in episode 2 when the two were playing tennis together. In episode 3, fans saw a flashback where Percival was teaching Phillip how to use his gun for target practice outside their house as children (but not too far away from where their mom could see them). In today’s episode, we finally get our first real look at what makes Percival tick as an adult: he loves being a police officer and helping people out whenever he can—and if you’re lucky enough for him to be your friend, then you have yourself one helluva guy on your side!

Jerry returns to the spot where his herd was killed in episode 6.

Jerry returns to the spot where his herd was killed in outer range episode 6. He is looking for any sign of what happened to his herd. Jerry is trying to figure out if he can get the herd back. Jerry is looking for clues and evidence that might lead him to where they are now or at least help him figure out how they were taken from him.

Outer Range Episode 6 Recap

In outer range episode 6, our heroes can finally confront their nemesis, but the stakes are higher than ever. The episode is full of surprises and twists that will leave you shocked and breathless.

The stakes couldn’t be higher in Outer Range Episode 6. You’ll see action that you won’t believe, a drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and suspense that will keep you guessing until the very end!


In Outer Range episode 6, we see the inner workings of Percival’s mind. Phillip gets a chance to talk with his son about the future of their family ranch, and both men struggle with forgiveness. And Jerry returns to the spot where his herd was killed to try and find some closure but instead finds something unexpected.

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