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What Exactly is Google and its Products?

Google is a name for many different internet search engines. The company that created it has been renamed Alphabet, but Google is still the most commonly used name for its services. It became so popular that people started using it as a verb. If you google something, you can find out information about it online.

Google is also a verb that means “to use a search engine”. When you google something, you search for it by using googlesearch engine.  But if you google around, you search for information about things without using Google’s search engine. One of the main benefits that google offers is a higher ranking for your website in searches.

What is google?

Google is a company that has been around for a long time, and it’s very responsible for many new inventions and technological advancements in our lives. It started out as an index of web pages but has now grown into more than just an online search engine.

How does Google do this? 

It analyses websites and pages and gives them a ranking based on their content and how many times they have been linked to on other websites. If you want people to find your website when they search, you will want to get a high ranking in google’s search results, which is why it is important to know how google ranks websites. Keywords are important in order to increase your ranking. The more keywords that are found on your page, the more likely it is that you will be ranked higher than other webpages with fewer keywords. It’s also important to use targeted keywords that people will actually search.

Having a lot of keywords on your webpage that nobody searches for is useless.  People often get confused about what kind of words they should use to get ranked higher in google’s searches, but the answer is simple: simple search terms work best. The next step to boosting your rankings is increasing the amount of traffic you get to your website. Getting more visitors can be accomplished in many different ways but one of the most effective ones is advertising on Ad words.

What Exactly is Google and its Products

What are the Products in Google?

  1. Google Docs: A document-editing program which allows you to work on googledocs with colleagues and store them securely in the cloud. Any changes you make will be save instantly. Docs is available in a browser, iOS and Android apps.
  2. Google Chat: An instant messaging service with voice and video capabilities. It was develope by to create an alternative to. The standard text-base message boards. That have been use by numerous internet forums for years. All messages are store for future reference but can be reviewe through a history feature.
  3. Google news: A news aggregator which provides the latest stories in numerous categories. It can be tailor to your preferences, allowing you to choose the locations you are interest in. And the sources of information you prefer.
  4. Google Sheets: A spreadsheet application that lets you create and edit documents on your computer or device. Spreadsheets allow users to customise them to their own needs by adding charts, sorting results and creating summaries of sets of data.
  5. Google Sites: A website creation tool designed for small businesses who want an affordable way to create their own websites but lack technical expertise or resources to develop a site themselves. There is no need for web hosting or design skills. As everything can be complete from within the website editor itself.
  6. Google Search Console: A search console tool which can be use by website owners to view a variety of statistics about the website and its online visibility. It allows them to see information about your site’s traffic, infrastructure and search performance.


  1. Google Trends: A program which compares searches from one region to another over a specified period of time. It can be use to identify googletrends in search queries and compare. Your performance with others in the same niche or location.
  2. Google easter eggs: A term google easter eggs used for any hidden surprise in the websites. These can be simple jokes, images or messages and are often use by the company to advertise. New products or services.
  3. Google Maps: A program which lets you view a 3D map of an area. Which includes satellite imagery and terrain data, as well. As street maps and local information such as gas prices and restaurant reviews. It is useful to plan trips, find directions or track your progress on a journey.
  4. Google my business: A googlemybusiness service which provides business owners with information about their online presence. Through this program, you can create a free listing for your business on search engine results and Maps.
  5. Google webmaster: A tool which helps you to maintain your website and ensure that it is easy to find online. By using the site auditor feature, you can see a list of steps. Which you need to take to improve your site’s ranking in google search results.
  6. Google analytics: A service which provides business owners with valuable information about their websites’ performance and user demographics. It allows them to monitor traffic levels, sales figures and social media statistics in real-time from one convenient dashboard.

Final Verdict: 

To conclude, if you are a creative person, you will definitely. Love working with Google and you can choose to work with any of these programs. It’s free and it is the best advertising tool in the world.


  1. What is Google Adwords?

Adwords allows business owners to target specific users based on their online behaviour. This can help you to reach new potential customers and make more sales.

  1. What is seo?

Search engine optimization (Seo) is a process. Which encourages your website to be position higher in search engine rankings. This will make it easier for people to find your site and get access to your products or services.

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