Vegetable Vendor’s Son Providing Assist amid Covid-19 Disaster Proves There’s ‘No Scale to Measure Empathy’

As coronavirus continues to inflict hardships on people everywhere with the situation turning grim for several states in the country, good samaritans are leaving their mark trying to help out those who need them the most. Social media has always been a platform used for spreading the word on a lot of topics and issues that require assistance but with covid-19 cases surging, Twitter has turned into a medium for so many people to come out and seek/provide help regarding medicine supply, oxygen supplies, injections, information on hospital beds and more. Many are even reaching out to the twitterati, volunteering to provide groceries, medicines or anything they might need.

Among them, many of these kind-hearted samaritans are those who themselves have a not-so-privileged means of livelihood. One Dr Snehil Mishra, a cardiologist with the Hinduja Hospital Khar recently took to Twitter to post a message he received from the son of a patient of his, a vegetable seller who wanted to lend a helping hand to manage hospital ventilator or medicine costs for anyone who might need it.

My patient is a vegetable seller. This message is from his son. I was at a loss of words. These are the real heroes..🙏🙏🙏— Dr Snehil Mishra (@drsnehilmishra) April 17, 2021

Dr Mishra posted a screenshot of the message he received from the man on April 17 and his tweet went viral with over 12,000 likes and several replies.

He also added that “It is silent heroes like these who have pulled our nation forward. Politicians only know how to take credit for the good and put blame on others for the bad.”

Check out a few replies:

This is beautiful. Data has consistently shown that the poor & middle class are more altruistic and generous than the rich. And it’s because they have more compassion and care for the welfare of other people.— Pooja Chokshi (@poojachokshi) April 18, 2021

It also stems from the fact that they encounter suffering at close quarters & hence learn to be more human & and empathetic. The well off will find this a little hard to understand this.— Fakir (@azimuth125) April 18, 2021

That isn’t just a person speaking it’s his Upbringing and Value system … loads of respects to his parents

— M U G G E R M U C H (@Muggermuch_) April 18, 2021

Several people also commented on the post requesting Dr Mishra to share details of any initiative he might have where they can contribute to help others after being inspired by the fellow, to which Dr Mishra replied that even though he doesn’t have a structured system for the same, he will let them know in the future. This boy had inspired me too.

This young fellow hasn’t been the first one to have warmed netizens’ collective hearts with his wonderful gesture. People associated with the healthcare sectors have been sharing such beautiful and inspiring conversations where people from all walks, especially those with modest means of income have been seeking out anyone who needs their help. One Dr Saurabh Tiwari, an anesthesiologist, Critical Care and pain management specialist based in New Delhi shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with a local aluminium door maker who wished to buy a ventilator for anyone who might need it.

Many users replied to Dr Tiwari’s tweet and said they wished to contribute too and praised the man’s big-hearted gesture.

Wow, that’s what is compassion. Dear @dr_saurabh19 , please count me in for whatever is required for benefit of the weaker section.— Pcube 🇮🇳 (@realpcube) April 19, 2021

Such a gem of a person! And No words to acknowledge what Docs world over are going through… God Bless 🙏— samhitaray (@samhitaray) April 19, 2021

Initiatives from individuals and groups have been aplenty ever since the pandemic started last year. From the beginning of the week, many on social media including actors, politicians, comedians, influencers and even ordinary social media users have been using the platforms to spread awareness about the availability of plasma, connecting patients with donors, arranging Remdesivir doses for patients, putting them in touch with emergency services such as ambulances and more.

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