Twitter Sends Like to Couple Who Donated 50 Beds to Covid-19 Sufferers on Wedding ceremony Day

Maharashtra couple have been earning praise online for donating beds for COVID-19 patients on their wedding day | Image credit: Twitter/ANI

Erin and Merlin from Vasai, Maharashtra, cut down on their wedding expenses and donated 50 beds along with pillows and blankets to a quarantine facility soon after the ceremony.
Last Updated: June 24, 2020, 4:18 PM IST

In a heartwarming incident, a newly married couple in Maharashtra have just donated 50 beds to a hospital dedicated to treating COVID-19 Vasai.

The couple, Erin Lobo and Merlin Tuscano have been playing the part of coronavirus warriors ever since the start of the pandemic. But their charity came to the fore when the duo decided the cut down on their wedding expenses in order to pay for beds, blankets and pillows for COVID-19 patients.

They distributed the items at the quarantine centre on June 20, just hours after getting hitched at a simple ceremony held in a nearby church, news Agency ANI reported.

“Since the beginning of lockdown, we have been working on projects like arranging for trains for migrant workers and community kitchens.,” the couple told ANI. “We talked to the Revenue Inspector and Sub Division officer of the district about the requirements of the COVID-19 centres and decided to pare down on the money we will spend on the wedding and instead contribute to the covid care centre.”

Tuscano also said that the couple planned to donate oxygen cylinders to the centre to further help patients.

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Social media has been brimming with love and appreciation for the couple. Many also sent out best wishes and regards to the newlyweds.

Great work. Congratulations on the wedding.

— Hafnium (@Hafnium_India) June 23, 2020

A lovely gesture. Wishing the young couple all the very best as they start their new life together. To health and happiness.

— jyothi menon (@JyothiNair76) June 24, 2020

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