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Twitter Mocks Donald Trump after Ivanka’s Assistant Tests Positive for Covid-19

File photo of Ivanka Trump. (Image: Reuters)

Ivanka Trump’s secretary became the third White House employee to test negative for coronavirus on Friday following Donald Trump’s valet and Mike Pence’s aide.
Last Updated: May 9, 2020, 11:56 AM IST

Days after United States President Donald Trump’s valet and vice President Mike Pence’s Press Secretary tested positive for COVID-19, Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant has now tested positive for the virus

As per a report in CNN, the assistant had been working from home for two months before being tested for the virus.

The worrying news comes after Trump’s cross-country visit after isolating at the White House, which was meant as a signal that United States was recovering from the pandemic. Instead, it seems, the pandemic came to the White House.

As per reports, 34 members of the US Secret Service have also tested positive, though they do not physically work at the White House.

Amid a falling economy and several protests by “covidiots” across the country against state-imposed lockdowns, the Trump administration had been trying to downplay the crisis with the President pushing states to lift restrictions and resume normal life.

But neither Trump’s nonchalance, nor the nightly cleanings of the Whir House or intermittent testing could keep COVID-19 at bay.

As news of Ivanka’s assistant teting positive spread, social media was full of reactions with many slamming Trump for advocating the lifting of restrictions and claiming that testing was not necessary, even as three White House employees were tested positive.

Many mocked the President for previously suggesting unscientific cures for COVID-19 including disinfectants and bleach and claiming in February that coronavirus was a politicised hoax by Democrats.

Some even claimed that the White House was now a “hot-spot” for the spread of the virus.

Just so we’re clear, at the same time Trump has decided that testing isn’t necessary for the American people, Trump’s valet and 2 of Pence’s aides and Ivanka’s personal assistant all tested positive, which was discovered immediately thanks to – you guessed it – daily testing.

— Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) May 9, 2020

First Trump’s aide, then Pence’s aide, and now Ivanka’s aide. All have tested positive for coronavirus. I’m sure glad I don’t work for the Trump White House — how about you?

— Jon Cooper 🇺🇸 (@joncoopertweets) May 9, 2020

So Trump’s valet…Pence’s spokeswoman…Ivanka’s assistant. In the military we call this “bracketing”. It means the big booms are getting closer to their target. It’s a bad thing if you’re in the middle.

— Fred Wellman (@FPWellman) May 9, 2020

Dont worry Ivanka. It’s a Dem hoax. You’re fine. Go hug your assistant and show her you care.

— CountessofNambia (@theClaudiaInez) May 9, 2020

As per reports, Ivanka and husband as well as Trump advisor Jared Kushner both tested negative for coronavirus on Friday.

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