This Man Has Been Licking ATM Machines in Dwell Movies to Show Covid-19 Is not Actual

A police investigation has been launched against a Covid-denier, who filmed himself licking an ATM cash machine in Sheffield while saying, “Coronavirus, my a–” into the camera. The man live streamed the video on Facebook, deleting it later. The suspect, who appears to be using a crutch, hasn’t been identified yet.

However, the South Yorkshire Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident and hunting the suspect. In a bid to prove novel coronavirus isn’t real, the Covid-denier can be seen leaning over the keypad of an ATM machine and licking each key.

The suspect in the video stated that he has been going out every day since lockdown and has licked “two cash machines, each and every button.” Later, he says to his followers that if they don’t believe him, he will prove to them that they are all being lied to by the thieving government.

One of the appalled viewers who reported the incident to the South Yorkshire Police, claiming that this is not the first cash machine he has licked. The Sun reports that the woman claims that it happened in Darnall and this was the second cash machine he has licked. She states that he recorded himself and live streamed the video on Facebook. He later removed it as well.

The spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police confirmed that the content of the video has been reported to police and the investigation is underway.

Similar incident took place last week, when a woman in Gloucestershire tried to convince people in a hospital that coronavirus is a ‘lie’. Debbie Hicks, 46, was charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act on January 21 for use of threatening, insulting and abusive language to cause harassment.

In another incident that took place last year in April, an influencer launched Coronavirus Challenge on TikTok with a video of herlicking a toilet seat. The womanlooked at the camera and exclaimed ‘coronavirus challenge’ while licking what appears to be an aeroplane bathroom. Reports suggest that she fell ill after the video.

Around the same time, two men were caught on CCTV after they licked their hands and wiped it over fresh produce and handles of the fridge in Sainsbury’s. Both were arrested after the incident. Another man, Cody Pfisher, 26, was charged for making terrorist threats after he was filmed licking items inside Walmart. He looked at the camera and asked, “Who’s afraid of coronavirus?”

Coronavirus can spread in a similar way as cold and flu does. It is an airborne virus which is highly contagious and can spread through infected breath, cough, sneeze and saliva.

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