The Feminine Scientists Headlining the Quest for Covid-19 Vaccine Throughout the World

As India and the world is witnessing a mass scale vaccination drive against the coronavirus, women scientists have been a force to reckon with regarding the inoculation efforts everywhere. Women across the world have been taking charge of research, developing the vaccine and lastly, heading the numerous trials to finally help deliver a safe vaccine for the world to emerge out of the pandemic. Here’s a list of women scientists who have been revolutionizing the medical industry with their scientific brain and trying to make the world a safer place.

Dr Sumathy K

Leading from the front in India is the R&D wing chief of Bharat Biotech, Dr K Sumathy. With its headquarters in Hyderabad, the company has developed the country’s first indigenous vaccine Covaxin. Dr Sumathy is one of the immediate members of the team that helped develop the vaccine for coronavirus. She also had played a major tole in developing vaccines against Zika and Chikungunya too.

Dr Sarah Gilbert

A professor of Vaccinology at the Oxford University, 58-year-old Gilbert is among the core names

who has been prominently involved in developing the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. It was deemed 90 percent effective during the trials that were conducted later. Gilbert’s school, university and other associates have often described her as someone with determination and who has ‘true grit’. Gilbert, children, who are triplets have also taken part in the vaccine trials.

Dr Katalin Karikó

Hungary-born biochemist Dr Katalin has been at the helm of the vaccine development world since long. In 2005, after rigorous long research, she and another scientist, Dr Drew Weissman, discovered the process to sneak synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) past the body’s defence systems, thus making it easier to design mRNA vaccines. She used the same information to develop the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and it showed 95 percent effectiveness in trials back in November 2020.

Özlem Türeci

Türeci, who is the co-founder of BioNTech, helped develop the first approved RNA-based vaccine against coronavirus. Türeci and her husband, Ugur Sahin who is the CEO of the same biotech company both helped develop the vaccine within the shortest time span of 10 months along with the US company Pfizer.

Dr Kizzmekia Corbett

Dr Corbett, an African-American is a viral immunologist and is working closely with the US government’s vaccine research. She is part of the team within the National Institutes of health that worked with the biotech company Moderna for two COVID-19 vaccines. At a time when there are riveting conversations on black people, acknowledging Corbett’s contributions for the scientific industry is a huge step. US expert Dr Anthony Fauci had also said that Corbett’s involvement in developing the vaccine is a sign of hope.

Dr Nita Patel

Dr Patel is the leading molecular scientist of Novavax, an American vaccine development company in Maryland. Patel’s team has been an ‘all women’ team and the vaccine was reported to be 89.3 percent effective during Phase-3 clinical trial in the UK. Hailing originally from Sojitra, Patel belonged to a modest family and after many trials and tribulations she became a doctor. Her father’s sickness motivated her to find a cure for TB and her quest for healing people also put her as one of those headlining the search for a cure for coronavirus.

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