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The Government of Delhi has announced complete rules for night time-limit

On yesterday, the government of Delhi has announced a night time limit from 10 pm to morning 5 pm by the cause of covid-19 causes. They told that” this night time limit will be applied by the end of this month”.

While studying these rules, shows that there is no change in transportation during the night time limit. The Delhi government reminds us that there were more than 5,000 corona cases yesterday alone. To control this issue, the Delhi government has provided strict restrictions for the people at night time.

The government mentioned, “If someone doesn’t have e-pass, then one he won’t get the covid-19 vaccine, so Delhi people should come with the e-pass to receive the medicine”. If one who is having a shop which contains things needed for home use, they also should have e-pass to deliver it on other places.

An E-pass restriction not only for the individual but is also applied for the following public services and sectors:

  • Banking sectors like and ATMs
  • Paper printing and relevant shops
  • Information Technology services, internet providing services, telecasting services, and other communication-oriented services
  • Delivery services like food delivery, medicine supply through public and private transport.
  • Security services for individuals, houses, manufacturing companies, private and public part halls, airports, and crowd-controlled places.
  • Production and manufacturing services (Should have an e- pass to run the work inside)
  • Electrical services and power production services
  • Gas stations and other oil stations.
  • According to new rules, marriage and other family-related functions should have 50% of the housing limit and there should be 100 people to participate in that function.
  • For Funeral, only 50 people should be allowed as relatives to them and they should follow covid-19 rules like a mask-wearing, sanitizer, and social distancing at all times. This will be applied for marriage functions too.

Following duties and reasons are not mentioned in the e-pass restriction:

  • We can travel anywhere during the allowed time by using public transport like buses, taxis and other vehicles.
  • If one is looking for treatment for his health issues, injuries can visit the hospital at any time.
  • Women having pregnant pain, they can travel even night time limit also.
  • Important services like police stations, defense sectors, hospitals, and other services which are needed for routine life will run as it is with the government rules and regulations.
  • If someone Chooses airplanes and trains to travel somewhere, they should show their tickets when they are found outside at that time.
  • Needed things from one state to another state will be continued and for this e-pass restrictions are not given.

Covid cases in Delhi

Now Delhi has more than 5000 active cases of corona and 17 known deaths in the past day. As of now covid-19 cases in Delhi increased 6 lakhs 85 thousand and 62. There are more than 11 thousand people died because of the covid-19 virus. When compared to November month, this month has the second active number of covid-19 cases.

Ministry of Health and Family welfare

Based on their survey, at current 14, 579 known cases in the city of Delhi, and they also explained this the city has the maximum number of covid-19 cases in the country.

Covid-19 cases near Delhi

Cities like Noida and Ghaziabad don’t have any restrictions like Delhi. They’re also active cases rising day today. Right now Chandigarh government also thinking about the lockdown. On the other hand, Minister of Delhi, Gopal Rai told that “our Aam Aadmi party not ready to prepare lockdown but we are thinking about some other choices to overcome this covid-19 cases”.

He said that our Delhi government introduced many logics to sort out covid-19 issues, but our plan for night time-limit is just too safe for our city people to live. He further mentioned we are not only looking for the night time-limit results.

The covid-19 vaccine to Indians

Gopal rai also said, Most of the vaccines are prepared by our country. We are delivering these vaccines to other major developed countries. It should be given to our country’s people first, later we can distribute it to other nations.

India’s influence in covid-19 vaccines

India has distributed 58 million vaccine doses to 71 countries for the past 55 days. More than 80 lakhs of vaccine doses are delivered as gifts and charges. Around 165 lakhs of vaccine doses are supplied below GAVI(global alliance for vaccine and immunization). For commercial purposes, India has given 339 lakh vaccine doses. Out of 71 countries including Brazil, Egypt, and Africa, a minimum of 37 countries got the free vaccines and 17 countries received as a vaccine. Other countries received a combination of these two medicines.

Here, India has taken a part in delivering 50% of the minimum vaccine produces countries and island countries. There we can see, these two countries are in a good position in the US continent. Many countries producing a vaccine for this moment to deliver them to other countries. In India, we are known as a huge vaccine production country while comparing with pacific and Indian ocean areas.

Security advisor of unites states of America Mr. Jake Sullivan suggested to the white house last week Friday, with the help of Indian, United States, Japanese and Austrian-based technologies, we can make 1 billion vaccines before 2022.

How Delhi people will respond to tonight’s time limit?

This night time limit will work fine with the support of Delhi people by following covid-19 rules and regulations. In Delhi, many people already living in the ways of house arrest, at the same time some of them going out for the room temperature issues. Aam Aadmi party introduced a night time limit between 10 pm to 5 pm for the sudden change. For usual persons, there is no need of going outside art the time of 10 pm, but there was a limited people will travel even in the night time, they should consider these night time limit to reduce the chances of covid-19 cases.

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