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Product Description


US based phone customer support. Sold by an American company.

This access control system can recognize people’s faces, screen their temperature, and based on preset rules allow or deny entry access, by activating automatic doors or turnstiles, among other peripherals. Alerts are displayed on the screen along with audible voice alarms, which can be customized. It features a Belgian built-in Melexis sensor, a world leader in thermal components. Its two 2mp lens cameras can distinguish between a real person and a picture to avoid photo spoofing. It can be used as a stand-alone device or can be connected to a Windows PC for real-time remote video streaming, monitoring and operation. It can store an extensive database of 10,000 faces, 100,000 local capture and recognition records. People can be assigned to default groups of visitors, whitelists, and blacklists, or to costumed allocation groups. This device is suitable for use in schools, factories, warehouses, access gates, office buildings, hair salons, restaurants, houses of worship and more. VERY IMPORTANT: Brand new item designed from the ground up for temperature scanning purposes. This is not a repurposed face scanner device with a cumbersome thermal camera attached on top. This way we ensure the most accurate and quick measurements based on specifically designed technology.

This product is not FDA-cleared or approved. It is not a medical device and should not be solely or primarily used to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of any disease. Elevated body temperature should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods (e.g., an NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: With this kind of product you have to make sure the thermal camera is built in the frame and not added on top; because the latter are devices designed for face recognition that had a thermal sensor attached to re-purpose them for temperature screening, these products provide average screening with large margins of error:




Specifications for Model ACP-150

Screen Type

7-inch, full angle IPS LCD screen, 1280×720

Power Supply


Identification Module

support for built-in IC and ID card reader module (optional not included)

Camera Sensor

1/2.8″ SONY starlight CMOS, 1080p @ 30fps

Network Interface

RJ45 10M/100M Network Adaptation

Event linkage

TF card storage, FTP upload, alarm output linkage, Wiegand output linkage, voice broadcast

Network protocol


Temperature Range

34-42 °C (93.2-107.6 °F), recommended range for forehead screening is within 35.7°C to 41.5°C ( 96.26°F to 106.7°F )

Measuring Distance

30-45cm (11.8-17.7 in.)

Measuring accuracy °C

± 0.3 °C ( Tested within 30-45cm at trigger temperature of 37.3°C and± 0.5 °C tested between 36 and 41 °C

Measuring accuracy °F

±0. 5 °F Tested within 11. 8″ -1 7. 7″ at trigger temperature of 99. 14 °F and ± 0. 9 F tested between 97 and 106°F

Measuring Response

< 1 s

Upload Method

TCP, FTP, HTTP, API function calling upload

Face recognition distance

0.3-1.3m (1 l .8″-4.3ft), support detection target size filter adjustment

Operating Temperature

0 to 30°C (32 to 86°F) and 17 to 30°C (62 to 86°F) for temperature screening function

Local Storage

Supports storage of 100,000 records, Face capture accuracy >99%

Face recognition with non-contact infrared temperature screening
US based customer support and warranty.
Belgian sensing technology with +/- 0.3 degrees accuracy, Face detection of living people to prevent photo spoofing
Can be interconnected with a broad range of peripherals such as power doors, turnstiles, 485, I/O input and output, Wiegand, etc.
Customizable voice alarm, Robust aluminum alloy body, 7-inch IPS screen (1280x 720), IR Led+ White Led dual light design, Two 2mp cameras for detection, Easy to install, stand alone or network operation