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GM400 Infrared Thermometer Faster measurements, More accurate results.

GRACETOP infrared thermometer is a non-contact Temperature measuring device. Practical for both indoor and outdoor use.


Non-contact Infrared Thermometer:

1. Temperature range : -50°C to 400°C(-58°F to 752°F)

2. Accuracy: ±1.5°C or ±1.5%

3. °C/ °F setting

4. Resolution: 0.1°C or 0.1 °F

5. Operating temperature: 10-40°C, humidity: 10-90 RH

6. Storage temperature: -10-40°C

7. Response time: ≤0.8 second

8. Distance to Spot Ratio: 12:1

9. Emissivity setting: 0.1-0.99(de°Fault value:0.95, testing different material easy and accuracy)

10. Power: 2pcs 1.5V battery

11. Back lighting

12. Automatic power °F in 10 seconds

13. Use in: Industrial thermometer, kitchen temperature, object’s serface temperature etc.

Temperature Gun

Temperature Gun

Temperature Gun

Temperature Gun



Highly Accurate

Designed with the latest thermopile sensor technology, to allow infrared laser thermometer gun to provide the highest accuracy up to ±1.5%; Improve the accuracy of the ir thermometer gun by adjusting the emissivity from 0.1-1.0 according to the surface material being measured

High-performance protection

ABS advanced plastic protection thermometer, you can use it for 5 years without replacement. You will get smart thermometers longer.

Pyrometer utilizes infrared technology

which can measure a wide temp range of -58°F~752°F/ -50°C~400°C,enabling the heat detector to measure various objects’ surface temp from a safe distance, especially above boiling point and below freezing point; Use the temperature gauge while preparing foods, performing auto maintenance, home repairs and a host of other tasks.

Temperature GunTemperature Gun


Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1

Response Spectrum: 8~14um

Laser target pointer: 12 point Circle

Response Time: <0.5 second

Automatic Shutdown: 30 Seconds

Power: 2* AAA Batteries (Included)

Accuracy: ± 1°C/2°F

IRT Temperature: -50°C~440°C/-58°F~752°F

Temperature GunTemperature Gun

Package Include:

1 x Temperature Gun

2* AAA Battery

1 x User Manual

Kindly tips:

D : S= 12 : 1, means the Distance to the Spot Size of the unit is 12 : 1. As the Distance(D) from the target surface increases, the spot size of the area measured(S) by the unit becomes larger. So in order to get more accurate temperature, please pay attention to the Distance to Spot Size, or it will get some error if you neglect this.

Thermometer collects the infrared radiation energy from surface of the stuff that is focused by red laser, and transfer this information into electric signal via photodetector, then analyze and calculate its temperature. So please keep in mind that what you get is the surface temperature not inside temperature.

【High Accurancy Temperature Gun】Infrared technology makes this thermometer handy to measure the surface temperature of various objects especially temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points; use it when you are cooking and barbequing, performing auto maintenance, doing home repairs, and a host of other tasks. Temperature rating from -58°F ~752°F / -50°C ~ 400°C. (Not for Human)
【High performance chip thermometer】Measurement should approximately be 14. 17 inches (36cm). Response time: ≤500Ms; Accuracy: ± 2% or ±2℃ with Resolution of 0.1℃/ 0.1℉. ℃/ F Unit Selectable. you can choose the unit from ℉/ ℃;
【LCD Backlight Thermometer】The Temperature Data will be Showed on the LCD Screen and the LCD Screen is Backlit, Auto Power Off & Data Holding, to Extend the Battery Life and Features a Low Battery Indicator (9V lithium Battery Included). Laser ON/OFF Selectable and Backlight ON/OFF Selectable.
【Wide Application】Suitable for Cooking & Baking, Perform Maintenance with Ease for Hot Water Pipes, Heating Motor Parts, Heat Pipes, Electrical Equipment, Electric Motors/Bearings, Cellar, Swimming Pools, HVAC, Heating Motor Parts. For example, You can use this laser thermometer to measure the oil temperature in the pot at any time during the fried food, or you can use this ir thermometer gun to check if the temperature is abnormal when your car fails. for your safety. Please choose this non-con
【Package Include】1pcs Digital Infrared Temperature Gun; 2pcs AAA Battery ; Thermometer size: 6×3.5×1.5in. Warranty: Gracetop provides customers with 1 years warranty service.