Sex Toy Makers are Donating Masks and PPE to Hospitals amid Coronavirus Crisis

Novelty adult companies are stepping up to help healthcare workers amid Covid-19 crisis | Image for representation | Credit: Reuters

To meet the shortage, sex toy companies in the United States are stepping up and donating PPE to medical staff.
Last Updated: April 17, 2020, 12:35 PM IST

With an increasing number of coronavirus cases across the globe, medical health professionals across the work have been facing a dire shortage of Personal Protective Equipment. At a time of crisis, however, an unlikely group of people have come forward as corona warriors – sex toy makers.

Medical fetish porn or role-play is a big part of the porn and sex industry. The type of fetish involves actors or participants dressing up as doctors or nurses before engaging in sexual or erotic activity. With surgical masks, gloves and other protective gear in high demand, the sex toy industry has emerged as an unlikely donor of PPE supplies, thanks to medical fetish enthusiasts.

To meet the shortage, sex toy companies in the United States are stepping up and donating PPE to medical staff. The Los Angeles-based recently partnered with the American University of Health Sciences Foundation and delivered thousands of face masks, nitrile gloves and face shield to hospitals in the Greater Los Angeles area.

As per a report in Vice, the company was already in possession of the gloves which are popular merchandise among medical sex fetishes. It sourced masks and shields from the company’s factories abroad.

The Californian company is not the only sex toy maker to come forward with at this time of crisis. A sex-toy manufacturer called “MedFetUK” donated all its supplies of medical scrubs to a National Health Service (NHS) hospital in Southern England.

The sex-toy industry has, ironically, also benefited from the coronavirus pandemic in the US, which has killed over 5,000 people in the country. As per a report in LA Times, adult novelty companies have seen a surge in web traffic and sales since the coronavirus lockdown.

It isn’t just makers of sex toys. Porn sites like PornHub have come forward to help. In March, the company donated 50,000 surgical masks to medical professionals in New York.

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