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Robert Pattinson Examined Covid-19 Constructive and Everybody Had the Identical Joke


Robert Pattinson / News18.

British actor Robert Pattinson, who will be seen in highly-anticipated ‘Batman’ movie, has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.
Last Updated: September 4, 2020, 12:30 PM IST


“Bat —> man —> Batman.”

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, bats are the new monsters of the post-COVID-19 world.

More than 2.5 crore people across the globe have already been affected by the deadly infection and the mammals of the “night” have directly come under the scrutiny for spreading new coronavirus to humans – SARS-CoV-2. British actor Robert Pattinson is the newest member to have tested positive for COVID-19.

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Movie studio Warner Bros said in a statement that a member of The Batman production in Britain had tested positive for the coronavirus, but did not give a name. Filming is temporarily paused, the studio’s statement added, but did not say for how long. The highly-anticipated movie, in which Pattinson stars as the comic book hero, has been a talking point on social media.

With so much interest around the upcoming movie and the never-ending love the fans have for the Twilight actor, the news caused a major upset to Pattinson followers.

You had seen them coming, didn’t you? Batman getting the bat disease was the joke that wrote itself.

Not Robert Pattinson getting covid while playing a bat

— Roy (@Mr_Royboto) September 3, 2020

Robert pattinson, who is to play Batman, has tested positive for Covid, which originally came from a bat. Is that dark Irony or?

— Elio (@whoiselio) September 4, 2020

Edward Cullen was dying of Spanish Influenza but Carlisle turned him into a vampire to save him.Robert Pattinson now has the coronavirus, a virus from a bat,….this….turns him into Batman.

— Kristia Juliette (@KristiaJuliette) September 4, 2020

Robert Pattinson has covid. why did people eat a bat, man

— maya (@Mayamaig) September 3, 2020

So you mean to tell me the virus started in a bat and has now infected Robert Pattinson? How poetic

— James (@fuzzytenor) September 3, 2020

So Robert Pattinson got COVID19 while acting as a bat??

— izzi (@IzzRaifHarz) September 4, 2020

Jokes aside, if Pattinson did contract the disease as the reports suggest, we do hope the actor recovers soon and returns to flying. No? Sorry.


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