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Rajkot Goldsmiths’ Reward to Covid-19 Jab Recipients


As coronavirus cases continue to rise across states in India, the central and state governments have also simultaneously running a coronavirus vaccine drive and ramped up their efforts to safeguard the public. Amidst the efforts, as certain public figures have been trying to encourage people to get guarded against severe effects of the virus by getting the vaccine, the goldsmith community in Gujarat’s Rajkot are also doing their bit to help the efforts. The goldsmiths have decided to give out small gifts of gold to those who are getting the vaccine jabs.

The gifts include a gold nose pin for the womenfolk and a hand blender for men. The members of the community have set up a camp and people who are getting vaccinated there can get their gifts from the camp, news agency ANI reported.

#COVID19 | In a bid to encourage people to take vaccine, the goldsmith community in Gujarat’s Rajkot are offering a nose-pin made of gold to women & hand blender to men getting inoculated at their vaccination camp(Visuals from yesterday)

— ANI (@ANI) April 4, 2021

From April 1, the central government has opened the vaccination for anyone above the age of 45 years. With an average of 34,30,502 anti-coronavirus doses being given per day, India has topped globally in terms of the number of jabs administered daily, the Union Health Ministry said on Thursday.

Recently a donut outlet chain in the US too had done something similar to encourage vaccinations. Krispy Kreme has started giving out a free glazed doughnut to anyone with a valid COVID-19 vaccination card at a Krispy Kreme store in the United States. The free treats will be available to every vaccinated person every day until 2022, so no one will be left out, even those not yet eligible for a vaccination, said Dave Skena, Krispy’s chief marketing officer.

India registered 1,26,789 fresh Covid cases in 24 hours, setting another one-day record as the county battles the second wave of infections. The total deaths pushed to 1,66,862 with 685 deaths in the last 24 hours. Several states and cities are going under lockdown or putting up restrictions amid rising cases of Covid-19 infections. The most recent to add being urban areas in Madhya Pradesh, which will go into a lockdown from 6pm tomorrow to 6am on Monday amid a steep rise in coronavirus cases in the state.

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