Pack of 1 M Covers With 6 Additional Lively Carbon Filters (1 Black Maks+6 Additional Filters+2 Additional Valves)

Price: $17.99
(as of Sep 08,2020 12:16:55 UTC – Details)

Reliable and breathable material: the dust filter is comfortable and breathable, allowing you to breathe smoothly even when wearing it for long periods of time.
Anti-Dust Mask with Reusable Filter, Replaceable Breathable Earloop Type Anti Dust Mask, suitable for Smoking Pollution of Cycling, Running, Outdoor Soports
Professional Grade Mask Filter: Perfect for cover the nose, mouth, and chin, blocking out the particulate dust in daily life and providing total protection.
Reliable material and good breathability: The filter is comfortable and breathable, and you can breathe well even if you wear it for long periods of time.
Comfortable Elastic Earloop: The Mask fits the skin of the face without leaving a dusty spot. Ultra-soft Earloops eliminate pressure on the ears.Reusable: It can be replaced several times, even if it is cleaned many times, it will not reduce the dust resistance rate, and it is more economical and durable than disposable ones.

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