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Neha Kakkar Trumped Coronavirus in Google Searches. Does This Reveal Our Priorities?


Search history can reveal a lot about a person. And when it comes to the search history of an entire country – such as India – the history could be rather embarrassing. At a time when the world is looking for more and more details about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems Indians were busy Googling Neha Kakkar.

Yes, Neha Kakkar, the pop singer behind several viral Hindi remixes, recently pulled off the biggest publicity stunt of the year when she pretended to be pregnant to promote her upcoming song ‘Khyal Rakhya Kar’.

Last week, Kakkar shared an image of herself posing with her husband Rohanpreet Singh and a visible baby bump on Instagram. A day later, she revealed that the image was nothing more than a publicity stunt for an upcoming music video ‘Khyaal Rakhya Kar’, which is set for release this December 22.

The news of her alleged ‘pregnancy’ on Friday broke the Internet. Thousands of Kakkar’s fans congratulated the couple. Memes were made. Indians even found time for some casual misogyny with countless jokes and tweets on how ‘fast’ Kakkar got pregnant after her wedding to Rohanpreet earlier in the year.

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And Google was proof that at least for a few days, Indians were more interested in news about Neha Kakkar than coronavirus.

There are 3,08,751 active Covid-19 cases in India with 26,624 new cases and 341 deaths being reported in the last 24 hours, taking the death toll to 1,45,477.

But no matter how many deaths or new cases, searches for Neha Kakkar surged past searched for coronavirus this weekend.

The searches spiked the most on December 18, revealing that no matter what, Indians always know (not) their priorities.

The trends are hardly surprising, though. While coronavirus and related search queries dominated Google searches around the world this year, statistics reveal that the most searched Google Trend in India in 2020 was not coronavirus or pandemic but “IPL”.

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Yes, in a year that has seen unprecedented death, loss and hardships, Google Year in Search trends revealed that Indians were busy googling the Indian Premier League.

Interestingly, while almost all the ‘What is’ queries were dominated by coronavirus, Google registered thousand of queries seeking the answer ‘What is Binod’ – a reference to the viral social media sensation and meme that grew out of a YouTube video.


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