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Ministers are coming entrance to take up vaccine take up calls regardless that there are variant fears

It’s the ministers now who are going forward for a step up calls for the people to book their covid vaccination as soon and as early as possible. This is because of the increased and still increasing concern of the Indian variant. The following detail is being released by the health secretary saying any one who was unsure should take their dose of vaccination. With various reports from the health secretary, who are unsure must look at Bolton where most of the people in the hospital with the covid are eligible for vaccination but had not yet done it.

Matt Hancock said that around 86 local councils had five or more of cases of the variant that is thought to be transmissible. This comes ahead as the lockdowns eased in England, Wales and most of Scotland on Monday. As per details released by Yasmin Qureshi, the labour MP for Bolton south east, has challenged the suggestion that her constituents had refused the vaccine blaming it to be poor organization instead. It’s very clear that more than 36.7 m people have had their first dose of vaccination in the UK and more than 20.2 have had their second dose. It’s the NHS website devoted for booking the vaccination and now is open to those who are aged 36 years and above.

Across UK, the cases of new B.1.617.2 strain of covid 19 have risen to around 1,313 from 520 over the past week. This is the report released by the public health England assessing to the strain information saying it least as transmissible as so called it the Kent variant which took hold in the month of December, precipitating the UK’s third lock down in the month of January.

With the anxiousness of its spreading, Johnson said that there’s a range of things that could do and we are ruling noting out of it. Johnson’s comments had raised the prospects of the government’s priority to force down in slowing down its road map to open the economy from the country’s third corona virus lockdown. This could put him into conflict with members of his own conservative party who have already been trying for faster reopening of the vaccination programme that is the most advanced in the world.

Some also question that, why there is again lock down when vaccination has started. So it’s the fact that vaccination has started. But that is not completely safe as it’s a virus. So to stay protected and see downfall in the casualties there is the need for a lock down.

Exiting lockdown:-

As of reports, authorities are carrying out surge testing in places like Bolton across the north west of England. Here the cases have been detected as well as in parts of London (PHE reports). Later on Thursday, the department of health and social care said that the minister are considering bringing forward planned second vaccine doses for eligible groups. Presently, UK allows up to 12 weeks between first and second doses. So almost 36 million people have had their first dose of which almost 19 million have their second dose as mentioned to the official statistics. This would leave more 17 million people whose second doses could be bought forward if the government decides to change the policy. Still there is no firm evidence to show that the variant has any greater impact on severity of disease or evades the vaccine with the speed of growth being a concern. The health secretary Matt Hancock said that the government will not hesitate to take further action if necessary when it’s relating to human health relating vaccination programme. On Monday, Hancock told that the house of commons that there had been around 2,323 confirmed cases of Indian variants across the United Kingdom saying it was now the dominant strain in Bolton and neighboring Blackburn and Darwen in Lancashire and was again rising in case of all age group. He also said that most of the people in hospital in those areas had been eligible for a vaccine. But had chosen not to have it. And this released an urged not sure whether to get jabbed to the next shot of what is further going to happen.

Further data and details:-

New data on the variant from India is under research for how quickly it is spreading and how many people have worst conditions with this with how much effective the vaccines are against it. Next data added on the impact of the latest easing of the restrictions in much of Britain. It’s likely to be a few weeks before an assessment that can be made about what is done next. The removal of all the remaining restrictions in England is meant to be little over a month away, but there’s a consistent caution from the ministers. The government is desperate not to over promise and is not planning for a disappointment. Many businesses and some conservative MPs are desperate that the final shackles on the liberties are thrown off, on time.

One of the former ministers, conor burns said that the country had tolerated most of the profound curtailment of freedom in peacetime. This would not be right to do so again because some people had refused the offer of the vaccine. Its indeed is the real time to reach as many of those people as it can be to have a little bit of wave of infection now and that will provide them the best chance of getting protection.

It was on Monday when millions of people were able to enjoy new freedoms like indoor pints, hugs with loved ones as well as foreign holidays for first time in the months. This was set under the latest rules of relaxation across England, Wales and even most of the Scotland. But with the growing concern of the existence of the variant first found in India the government has released warning in its next reviews of social distancing that is set to take place by the end of may and it is expected to get delayed.

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