MI professor placed on go away for calling COVID-19 ‘leftist stunt’

A Michigan professor has been placed on leave after he referred to the COVID-19 pandemic as a “leftist” stunt, and posted other messages online that Twitter deemed racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic.

Ferris State University physical science professor Thomas Brennan defended the posts in which he used racist slurs and claimed the health crisis was intended to create “a leftist new world order,” news station WZZM reported.

“I just have to speak out, to try to speak my conscience. I can’t be silent and watch this happen,” Brennan told the news station.

In tweets first reported by the student newspaper The Torch, Brennan claimed the virus was actually a “stunt.”

“Guess what your covid stunt has failed. You won’t get your leftist new order,” Brennan wrote, The Torch reported.

In other tweets, Brennan referred to the Holocaust as a “Zionist eugenics program.”

“They killed the old and weak Jews, and sent the young and strong ones to Israel. And then they blamed it on everyone else,” he wrote on Twitter.

Brennan also used a racial slur to argue that “nobody who wants to vote for Joe Biden imagines anything at this point.”

“These are zombie n—ers. no reason to consider their ideas,” he wrote on Twitter.

The report from the school newspaper said Brennan also used homophobic slurs and repeatedly referred to the “Jewish mafia.”

Brennan said in a letter posted to his website that he believes COVID-19 exists, but “its severity is being exaggerated by revolutionary leftists in the media and government who ‘never let a good crisis go to waste.’”

“The end result of this hysteria, if unchecked, will be a mandatory vaccine,” he wrote.

He also defended his use of the N-word, claiming it was a “linguistic atom-bomb that I only used to get people’s attention.”

“I believe the ’n-word’ is a mind-control spell designed to make us hate each other,” he wrote.

In a separate statement, Brennan insisted that he was “being unfairly portrayed as a racist and anti-Semite,” Michigan Live reported.

The college said it placed Brennan on leave Nov. 19 after it was notified about his “racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic slurs” on Twitter, the outlet reported.

“Individually and collectively we were shocked and outraged by these tweets,” president David Eisler said.

“They are extremely offensive and run counter to the values of our University and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

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