Maharashtra Student Designs Robot to Deliver Medicines to Covid-19 Patients While Social Distancing

A boy from Aurangabad has come up with a solution to the problem of maintaining distance with COVID-19 patients while delivering essentials to them | Image credit: ANI

Aurangabad-based student class 7 student Sair Suresh Randal has come up with a robot that can deliver food and medicines to patients at the hospital. He has named the robot ‘Shourya’.
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Last Updated: May 29, 2020, 7:22 PM IST

Necessity is the mother of all invention, this saying has turned into a reality especially in these times with people coming up with various devices and robots to minimise human contact.

This time it is a class 7 Aurangabad-based student who has come up with a robot that can deliver food and medicines to patients at the hospital. Sai Suresh Randal has named his robot as ‘Shourya’.

According to a report published by news agency ANI, the main aim behind making this robot is to reduce physical contact of medical staff with COVID-19 patients, which will also eventually reduce their chances of contracting the virus as well.

Emphasising on how the robot, Sai told the agency, “It can move forward, backward, 360 degrees right and left. The robot is operated by battery and can be controlled by a smartphone. It can carry items weighing up to 1 kg”.

Meanwhile, a man based out of Chennai too has made a coronavirus shaped robot. The primary function of this robot is to sanitise the contamination zones with minimum human contact. The green colour robot has the ability to store 30 litres of disinfectant at a given time.

Gowtham, the creator of the robot has however said that this robot is just a prototype and he is currently working on making better robots.

Tamil Nadu: Coronavirus shaped robots were deployed in a containment zone in Chennai to sanitize the area. Gowtham, designer of the robots says, “It can store around 30 litres of disinfectant. This is a prototype, we are building better ones”. (20.05.2020)

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