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Lockdown and Lockdown Restrictions across the country

COVID-19 has caused a lot of disruption in terms of revenue and life flow across the country. The earlier times of COVID were required to be stopped because it could cause only harm and not benefit in any way. The easiest way to stop the spread is by implementing certain restrictions across the country in different ways to avoid quick and wild spread in the community.

Every state has a say in terms of taking restrictions because it plays a vital role for them to manage the government, law and order in an effective way. It is highly recommended for people to consider taking enough precautions because it allows them to return to a normal life in a quick span of time. Lockdowns were highly unlikely and never seen such situations in few states and cities. COVID has given a different kind of experience which has disrupted people in many ways.

There are few states who have compromised restrictions in different ways because it helps them to contain viruses as much as possible. Few states are playing around with lockdown so that common people would not be affected with it on a major scale.

Check out some of the restrictions followed by states at the current time


Maharashtra is one of the sensitive states in the country which has a huge amount of population in some of their urban areas. It is said that the capital city of Maharashtra, which is Mumbai had a huge rise in covid cases in between due to people movements. Therefore, it is advised for the government to take the utmost level of restrictions in order to stop the spread. The government has imposed Janata Curfew in the entire state till May 1st. It is one of the first governments to stop public gatherings, political gatherings, social and religious events across the country.


Karnataka is also on high alert despiting showing not many infections for the past few months. Majority of the people in urban locations across the state managed to work from home, which has helped them to contain covid infections in an effective way. The night curfew may not help you in containing COVID to a major extent, but the government managed to compromise as much revenue and human flow during the day time. The state has restricted travellers from few states such as Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Chandigarh and so on to avoid wide spread.

New Delhi – The Capital city of India

The capital city of the country is no less concentrated because it has a huge amount of population for such geographical areas. The city gains a large number of population flowing in from neighboring states because it is attached to around 4 states.

Delhi has a huge amount of surge especially after a major COVID lockdown in the initial days because of heavy human flow from one state to another state. It is important for every person to take enough precaution to avoid getting in touch with the infection.

Delhi is following the weekend curfew fully strictly and prohibited all public and private gatherings across the city. They have cut the public transport upto 50% to contain COVID infections.


Similar to all other states, Punjab is also taking COVID situation seriously and started imposing night curfew across the state. The government has taken strict steps to stop public gatherings, festivals and other kinds of occasions. The state has given strict instructions to shut all kinds of educational institutions including School, Colleges, educational centers and so on.


It is important for every government to know and understand the population and their activities well because it helps them to take the steps very effectively. Most of the states have a team of professionals who are engaged in offering quality tips to contain COVID in an easy way. The state has imposed night curfew between 10PM to 5.30AM. The night curfew gives good results without troubling the common public on a daily basis.


Only few places like Raipur and Durg have complete lockdowns that have managed to contain a good number of infections across the country. It is widely recommended for people to know and understand the restrictions because it helps them to enjoy better conditions across the state. The infections were increasing only in a few locations, which has been locked down for a long time with minimal facilities.


The state of haryana is more prone to contact the infection because the majority of the working people would be returning from Delhi. This has been a major drawback for the neighboring states of delhi because it connects with more than 4 states around the border. Haryana has imposed a strict lockdown between 10PM to 6AM. This has managed to contain a good number of infections without causing any problems to the common public.


Rajasthan has a great sense of protection by taking enough precautions all the time. The state has been using proper techniques to contain COVID in an easy way. The state government has taken restrictions to impose night curfew and gatherings for a long time now.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is one more sensitive state, that has a lot of population in both incoming and outgoing ways. A lot of people travel from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh on a daily basis and taking essential steps helps them to contain COVID to a major extent.


Gujarat is one of the important states in terms of revenue and money flow for a long time in the country. The state government has restricted people from moving from one state to another state to avoid covid infections in an easy way.

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Andhra pradesh and Telangana takes care of a lot of areas in the country and has people moving from one place to another place from time to time. The state government in both the countries imposed curfew during night times and has contained COVID infections in the recent days.

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