Lady from ‘Love You Zindagi’ Viral Hospital Video Dies of Covid-19

On Tuesday, a video from a Covid-19 ward in the country had gone viral after a patient was seen listening to Dear Zindagi’s title track Love You Zindagi, cheering up herself even though she was suffering from the deadly virus. The video was tweeted by Dr Monika Langeh who wrote that the patient was just 30-years-old with non-invasive ventilation support. Dr Monika also mentioned that she received Remdesivir, and plasma therapy as well.

Unfortunately, the patient did not make it and passed away on Thursday. In her recent tweet, Dr Monika mentioned that the woman succumbed to severe symptoms of coronavirus. The woman also had a child back home. The news has also left many netizens shocked.

I am very sorry..we lost the brave soul..ॐ शांति .. please pray for the family and the kid to bear this loss🙏😭— Dr.Monika Langeh🇮🇳 (@drmonika_langeh) May 13, 2021

Commenting on the tweet, one user mentioned that seeing her courage and willpower in the video, they expected her to be well soon.

They always believed that courage and mindset helps a great deal in defeating any situation. The user further wrote that they are doubtful how such a courageous and happy person could be defeated by the disease.

Seeing her courage in the video, I expected her to be well soon. I always believe that courage and mindset helps defeat any situation. I am doubtful how can such a courageous and happy person be defeated by the disease.— Aviral Nilesh (@aaaviral) May 14, 2021

Another user wrote that they were very sorry to hear the news and wished that may God bless her soul and give strength to her family. For some, the unending news of people’s deaths has left them losing their hope in God. As one user wrote, “Lord, how can you be so harsh, the woman had small children, you should have taken pity.”.

प्रभु आप इतना कठोर कैसे हो सकते हो, छोटे बच्चे थे उनके, थोड़ी तो दया कर लेते प्रभु, पैसों से लेकर दवाई तक महंगे इंजेक्शन तक क्या कुछ नही किया डॉक्टरों से तो विश्वास ही उठ गया, प्रभु आप पर से भी विश्वास डगमगाने लगा है, ॐ शांति 😭😭🙏— Abhinav Ambar (@LuckyAMBAR) May 14, 2021

So sorry to hear this. May God bless her soul with Paramdham. May God give strength to her family. May she be the last victim of COVID.— Rohit Safaya 🇮🇳 (@rohitsafaya) May 14, 2021

The video from Tuesday shows the patient trying to wave her hands and move a little as the song played in the background. Although the patient was on oxygen support, she made sure that her personality and strong will power to overcome the virus was shining through.

In an update on Tuesday, Dr Monika had mentioned that the patient was in critical condition and urged her followers to pray for her.

She got the ICU bed but the condition is not stable. Please pray for brave girl. Sometimes I feel so helpless. It’s all in the hands of almighty what we plan what we think is not in our hands. A little kid is waiting for her at home. Please pray.— Dr.Monika Langeh🇮🇳 (@drmonika_langeh) May 9, 2021

The video has been viewed by over 1.1 million people on Twitter. Netizens are now praying that she may rest in peace and may the devastation of the pandemic come to an end as soon as possible.

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