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ITIL Certification

How much is the ITIL Certification Exam in Sydney for 2024?

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ITIL Certification, Information Technology (IT) has become a cornerstone of modern life. From personal communications to business transactions and more, effective IT systems play an essential role. Businesses around the globe rely heavily on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), an internationally recognized framework and method used for providing high-quality IT services.

ITIL certification could open doors for IT professionals working in Australia and lead to improved job opportunities and skills enhancement. Suppose you are considering taking the leap and seeking to earn one in Sydney in 2024. In that case, this guide provides all the costs of taking an ITIL exam, its benefits, and how best to prepare for ITIL Certification.

What Is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)?

ITIL, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is an acronym referring to an extensive set of procedures designed to assist organizations in managing their IT services more efficiently. First developed by UK Government officials during the early 1980s, ITIL soon became an international standard in managing IT services effectively for businesses worldwide. ITIL includes guidelines and best practices for aligning IT services to business requirements.

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ITIL is a framework encompassing different aspects of IT management for services, such as design, strategy transition, operation, and continuous improvement. Businesses following its guidelines can ensure the effectiveness and quality of their IT service offering for customer satisfaction and lower costs.

Importance of ITIL Certification in Today’s Economy

Acquisition of an ITIL certification can be highly advantageous to both IT professionals and businesses alike. Here are just a few reasons for its significance:

1. Improved Employment Prospects

ITIL certification has gained worldwide acclaim due to many companies opting to hire certified professionals as it shows your dedication to outstanding IT service management – making you more desirable as a candidate for numerous IT roles.

2. Strengthened Knowledge and Skills

ITIL Certification ITIL certification involves rigorous training and exams designed to validate that ITIL professionals possess a deep understanding and expertise in managing IT services for their benefit and that of their organizations. This information can be applied in real-world situations for more significant results for both parties involved.

3. Increased Efficiency

Implementing ITIL Best practices in your organization could improve efficiency and effectiveness in IT support delivery, leading to overall improvements in business performance.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

ITIL stresses the significance of matching IT services to the needs of both a business and its clients. By following ITIL guidelines, organizations can offer services that exceed customer expectations.

5. Cost Savings

Implementing IT service management properly could yield financial rewards for any organization. ITIL aids companies by optimizing processes while cutting down unnecessary costs.

ITIL Certification Levels

There are different levels of ITIL Certification to accommodate individuals’ professional goals and experiences. Here is the list of their levels:

1. ITIL Foundation

This ITIL Foundation certification offers an introduction to ITIL and the framework. It describes its fundamental concepts and foundational elements, ideal for those just starting or wanting a basic understanding of IT Service Management.

2. ITIL Practitioner

The level of ITIL focuses on applying ITIL concepts in real-life applications. ITIL Practitioner equips professionals with the skills to implement and adapt ITIL techniques to enhance quality services.

3. ITIL Intermediate

For those ready to step up their IT services management game, ITIL Intermediate certification consists of two parts – Service Lifecycle and Capability. Each module allows participants to deepen their understanding of ITIL concepts and techniques while honing in on specific aspects.

4. ITIL Expert

The ITIL Expert certification recognizes those who have obtained various ITIL certifications and have successfully demonstrated an understanding of its principles, as well as being capable of using it effectively across various organizational settings.

5. ITIL Master Certification

ITIL Master is the pinnacle of ITIL certification. Earning this award requires both extensive knowledge of its concepts as well as their practical application to real-life scenarios. Candidates aiming for this status must demonstrate their competence through hands-on experience and an interview process to secure this credential.

Your choice of certification level depends on your current knowledge level, work experience, and objectives. Beginners might begin at the foundation level, while more seasoned professionals want to pursue higher levels.

Costs associated with an ITIL Certification Exam

Costs associated with taking an ITIL certification exam in Sydney, Australia, vary based on which certification level you’re after and are just estimates; for more accurate quotes, it is advised that you visit the ITIL certification service provider’s website in Australia directly.

1. ITIL Foundation Exam

This entry-level ITIL certification costs 350 AUD – 500 AUD and will cover fundamental concepts within ITIL that serve as a solid basis for further certifications.

2. ITIL Practitioner Exam

The cost for taking the ITIL Practitioner exam typically ranges between AUD 400 and 600 and provides certification that emphasizes real-world applications of IT Service Management. Suitable candidates for this certification include professionals looking to increase their ability in IT Service Management.

3. ITIL Intermediate Exam

This ITIL certification encompasses two components: Service Lifecycle and Capability. Exam costs could range between AUD 600-1,200 for each module to ensure an in-depth knowledge of ITIL procedures.

4. ITIL Expert Exam

Becoming an ITIL expert requires attaining several intermediate certifications and taking and passing the MALC (Managing across the Lifecycle) exam. At the same time, costs can vary significantly, usually between AUD 3,000 and AUD 5,005.

5. ITIL Master Exam

Exam costs vary based on project difficulty and costs associated with assessment processes, so those seeking ITIL Master Certification should contact their organization certifying ITIL Masters to inquire about specific pricing details.

ITIL Certification
ITIL Certification

How Can You Prepare to Pass the ITIL Exam?

Preparedness for an ITIL certification exam takes dedication, practice, and practice – here are some steps that will help:

1. Select an Appropriate Training Provider

Hire a trustworthy training company offering ITIL certification courses in Sydney, with certification by AXELOS (the organization behind ITIL). A company certified by this body will guarantee high-quality instruction.

2. Enroll in a Course

Join an ITIL course aligned with your desired level of certification and receive all of the required study materials, access to instructors, and practice exams as part of the training.

3. Gain Knowledge of ITIL Framework

Discover your knowledge of ITIL certification by studying official materials and related publications. Understanding its core processes and concepts will be vital to passing any exams for certifications related to it.

4. Sample Exams

Use practice tests and sample questions to gauge your understanding and gain a feel for the exam structure, helping you identify areas where additional knowledge must be built up. This will enable you to focus on strengthening those knowledge areas you deem essential for passing the exam.

5. Take Mock Exams

Conduct mock tests under controlled conditions to recreate the exam environment and help manage your time better on test day. Practising before mock exams will be an invaluable practice opportunity, giving you confidence and helping ensure success on exam day.

6. Revisit and Recheck

Regularly revisit and review your study material by making notes of key concepts; this will enable you to comprehend them better and increase retention.

7. Form Study Groups

Join study groups together with other candidates to exchange knowledge and ideas and clarify any doubts as part of your ITIL certification exam preparation. Studying together can be highly efficient.

8. Stay Informed Regarding Updates

ITIL is regularly revised to stay up-to-date with business practices. Be sure to use training materials aligned with the most up-to-date edition of ITIL for optimum results.

9. Be Prepared for Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety can be easily managed. Relaxation strategies and affirmations can be utilized to stay calm and focused throughout your exam experience.

10. Exam Schedule

If you feel prepared, arrange an exam by contacting an approved exam institute and setting a date that allows ample time to review your examination review materials.

ITIL Training Providers in Sydney

Here are a few reputable training companies in Sydney offering ITIL courses:

  • DDLS: It is one of Australia’s premier IT training services and providers, offering ITIL classes from the Foundation Level through the Expert Level to help students attain certification goals.
  • Firebrand Training’s: These ITIL courses feature an intensive learning approach that promotes fast acquisition of an ITIL certification within a shorter period. Their residential courses can assist participants in quickly attaining this accreditation.
  • ITSM Zone: ITSM Zone offers online training classes in ITIL that are self-paced. This service is ideal for individuals who prefer learning at their own pace.
  • Good e-Learning: Good E-Learning offers a selection of ITIL training courses with videos and practice tests, in addition to certified ITIL certification exams.
  • New Horizons: New Horizons provides ITIL training that emphasizes practical application. They offer various levels of ITIL classes for certification.

Before enrolling in any course:

  • Research its provider.
  • Read reviews of past students.
  • Compare courses to determine which will meet your preferences and needs.


Earning your ITIL certificate in Australia and Sydney can open many doors for career advancement within IT Service Management. There is a range of certification levels to choose from, so find one that matches up best with your skills and goals. While the cost may differ depending on which certification level is chosen, taking an ITIL exam in Sydney 2024 remains an investment for the future of your career development.

If you need additional support with ITIL certification in Sydney, feel free to reach out. There are certified training providers and ITIL professionals here who are happy to offer guidance or assist in this journey; take the following steps toward your ITIL journey and certification success for 2024 and beyond!


Does ITIL certification make sense in Australia?

ITIL accreditation in Australia is highly esteemed and will boost your career advancement prospects significantly. It shows your knowledge of IT service management, which is in high demand across multiple sectors.

How long will it take me to prepare for and take the ITIL Foundation exam?

Preparing to take the ITIL Foundation exam requires some planning. How much time you devote depends on both your prior knowledge and available study time; on average, candidates spend 20-30 hours in preparation.

Can one self-study for ITIL certification, or is attendance in an ITIL course mandatory?

Self-study may be possible, but opting for an established course is highly advised. Courses offer an organized learning environment and the opportunity to connect with instructors, take practice tests, and access up-to-date study material that may increase the odds of getting the desired results.

When will the ITIL framework be revised?

Notably, the ITIL framework is regularly revised in line with industry best practices and industry updates; updates typically occur every few years, with its most recent version being ITIL 4, launched in 2019.

What is the Passing Percentage for ITIL Foundation Exams?

Passing ITIL Foundation Exam Success RateThe ITIL Foundation exam typically has an acceptance rate of 90 per cent or higher. Proper preparation and practice tests are crucial to achieve an acceptable score.


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