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Is Vaccine A Real Life Saviour Or Just A Myth For People

Corona virus since the end of 2019 bought devastation with the surge of pandemic. But is that really getting vanished with vaccines that are invented as a life savior. Lots of Americans are still experiencing the terrific results of corona even after their first or second dosage. On this a pediatrician named Robin Hauser in Tampa, Florida says, she got vaccinated for COVID-19 in the month of February and then again got down with the infection from corona just seven weeks after her second dose of the vaccine. So she is confident that the vaccine is not a true preventer of virus infection. Every day, more and more of Americans get vaccinated with their first and second shot but it’s not easy for them to flush away the devastating experience of covid infection.

As of the data released on Thursday at the centers for disease control and prevention, there are at least of 5800 people who are felled ill and have even tested covid positive after two or more weeks of their complete vaccination dosage or either Pfizer of Moderna vaccine.

There are a total of around 84 million Americans who are fully vaccinated. These breakthrough infections occurred among people of all ages. Just over 40% are people 60 or older and 65% occurred in women. Twenty- nine percent of infected people reported no symptoms, but 7% were hospitalized and just over 1%, 74 people, died as per according to CDC.

As public health officials have said breakthrough infections were expected, since manufacturers have warned loudly and often that the vaccines are not 100% protective. The vaccines Pfizer and moderna versions have consistently been shown to be above 100% protective. The Pfizer and moderna versions have consistently been shown to be above 90% effective. Most recently for at least six months. Studies have also shown they are nearly 100% effective with ensuring that the small fraction of vaccinated patients who get contracted with the viruses will not get severe cases or require any kind of hospitalization.

The covid vaccines:-

As of experts, The COVID vaccine shot can prevent you from the many complications that are associated with the viral infection. But it might not be a complete round of protection that would be sufficient enough to stay protected from the virus. Even with taking the best of vaccine shot, there are certain marginal chances that one can get infected with the virus. The reason can be mutation of the virus that has bought down the circulation of new corona virus strain. For the reason still there exists a higher risk of infection. Even today scientists are observing a lot of differences in the way of developing symptoms.

Vaccine manufacturing companies:-

With vaccination expected to break the corona chain, there are vaccine manufacturing companies who are expecting better results in future. As per the latest analysis by moderna’s vaccine its clinical trial data shows around 900 people got COVID even after being vaccinated. Pfizer spokes person Jerica Pitts said that the company is going to monitor every single trial and participants in the vaccine drive for 2 long years. This would start once the second dose is given and they clarified that the 2nd dosage is going to provide protection against COVID.

Chances of infection after vaccination:-

With the new and latest findings, it’s said that people are even having chances of getting infected with the virus after getting the shot. But those symptoms might not be that severe. With the new revelations that came to light during the routine testing of the health care associates they have confirmed this news. The health care institution found around 14 breakthrough cases, here the health care workers got infected with the novel corona virus even after being fully vaccinated. But surprisingly the workers just showed mild or even no such symptoms to the infection by virus.

In their reports, the CDC is defining a break through with the cases strictly as illness or a kind of positive test after two weeks or more than that after full vaccination. The people have tried their first shot or are short of two weeks after their second shot which are also getting infected.

With reports from Pfizer and Moderna, the data shows up to 80% protection from infection two weeks or so after their first shot. But most of the experts believe that protection ranges widely from around 50 % to 80% depending on the length of time even after the shot and the individual variations that exists with any vaccine.

Now with the second shot would boosts immunity further but not for a few days at minimum condition. Then it would build over two weeks and this varies from person to person.

The CDC has advised people who are going for their second dose soon after their recovery shouldn’t wait with any minimum time for the dosage. There would build up a change from prevalent advice back in the month of December or January, when some of the state health departments would advice people to wait for 90 days after a bout of COVID to get their first or second shot and that means the second shot only. Moving ahead with important changes based on evidences from studies and experiences indicating that the immunity to infection conferred by the vaccines is quite stronger and can even be more stable over time than that of immunity derived from the COVID infection.

How effective is the vaccine:-

When it’s about vaccine, two things are taken to consideration. One is effectiveness and other is efficacy. With expert’s opinion, efficacy would refer to drug functioning under the controlled circumstances of clinical trials. But effectiveness would refer to how it works in reality. The higher efficacy rate does not always mean a higher level of effectiveness in the real world and vice versa. Mostly the time of effectiveness of the vaccine doesn’t match its rate of efficacy due to its variables that is happening in reality.

Still there are a lot of clinical trials going ahead to find some excelling solution for treatment of COVID-19 and that might bring new hopes and horizons.

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