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Is selling on Teachers pay Teachers free?


TeachersPayTeachers (or TpT) is a website that connects educators with the resources they need to teach and learn. There are over 10 million resources on TpT from teachers, students and parents, all of which can be purchased for a fee. While some of these resources cost money, many others are free! So if you’re interested in selling your product on TpT but aren’t sure how it works or if it’s worth your time—don’t worry! This article will cover everything you need to know about selling on Teacher pay Teacher  (or any other online marketplace).

You can sell on TpT for free.

You can sell your resources for free.

It’s true! You can have a free resource on Teachers pay Teachers, your website, your blog, or even social media. Because you’re selling something doesn’t mean it has to be a paid product. If you have an idea for a tool that will help teachers teach better, then great! You can create that tool and make it available for everyone to use at no charge. This is called “open source learning.”

Once you’ve uploaded your resource and set your price, you must also write a description of your resource.

Once you’ve uploaded your resource and set your price, you must also write a description of your resource.

This is an important step! The description should be short and to the point, but it should also be interesting and engaging. You want potential customers to know why they should purchase this resource from you, not just what it is. That’s why the best descriptions include an “aside” section highlighting some key points or benefits of this product.

The next thing to consider when creating your description is accuracy: Make sure all the information is true! If you promise this resource will teach students how to make edible art out of glue and glitter every day for two weeks, then do it! If not, let’s say that won’t look great on either side—you or us (and our trustworthiness rating). It will also help if you proofread carefully before submitting anything because typos happen—especially in long pieces like descriptions—but we don’t want them happening here at TpT 🙂

Some resources are free, while others cost different amounts depending on the seller’s creation.

Some resources are free, while others cost different amounts depending on the seller’s creation. Likewise, some resources are free to download and use in the classroom, while others are not. If you would like to use a resource outside of your classroom (for example, at home), we recommend reading through the terms of service to understand how to do so properly.

The seller keeps 60 per cent of the sale, and TpT gets 40 per cent.

As a seller, you get 60% of the sale price. That’s a good deal for you. For example, if you sell $100 worth of your product, you will receive $60 after TpT takes their 40%.

As a buyer, this is also a good deal. You get 40% off everything on Teacher Pay Teachers, which can add to huge savings!

It’s also beneficial for TpT because it encourages both sellers and buyers to come back into the marketplace again and again instead of just once or twice during their careers as teachers or homeschoolers (if they teach both).

When the buyer purchases the resource, they can download it and start using it in their classroom immediately!

When you sell your resources, buyers can instantly download the resource and start using it in their classroom immediately! Likewise, teachers may use resources at home or school, on the go, and even at work.

Selling on TPT is completely free for sellers who don’t already have an account with us. If you have an account with us, selling only costs $5 per item (excluding tax). In addition, teachers pay all the same administrative fees that they would pay if they sold their items individually through our site—no hidden charges or fees here!

It’s pretty easy!

Once you’ve uploaded your document, setting a price and writing a description is easy. Easy enough that you can do it in your sleep! The entire process is streamlined and simple, so there won’t be any hassle when it comes time for buyers to download their purchases.


Once downloads start coming in, that’s when the benefits kick in. All Teachers Pay Teachers purchases are handled through PayPal, which means your earnings will go directly into your bank account—no need to go through an intermediary or wait weeks before getting paid by check. In addition, when buyers purchase something they’ve downloaded from TPT, they’re prompted with an option saying “Pay Now.”

 You’ll receive a payment within 24 hours of each transaction occurring; if you don’t want or need the immediate payment for whatever reason (maybe you’re planning on using those funds elsewhere), this makes things very flexible for everyone involved plus helps prevent unnecessary delays during busy periods where there are lots of orders being processed at once! In addition: 

If this person isn’t satisfied with their purchase experience after purchasing something from TPT, then they have up until 30 days after purchase before leaving feedback about why they didn’t like what was delivered; this gives both parties plenty of time before needing consequences to take place if anything goes wrong during those 30 days which might make things uncomfortable later down the road when trying again.”


As you can see, selling on Teachers pay Teachers is a great way to make money while sharing your passion with other teachers. If you’re looking to sell something that will be useful in the classroom, then this might be a good option for you.

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