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Important challenges in Walmart Store

Walmart is an American retail Corporation company that has been established in 1962 by Sam Walton. This operates with large chain of department store and ware houses in which they sell products at cheapest prices and this is the largest Public owned Corporation in the world. Walmart office operated in several countries that includes Brazil, Argentina, United States and Canada it has been received end for long time mainly because it acts positively in the treatment of employees. The main reason why the Walmart has developed without any negative reputation is it is popularized with low wages and low prices and all over the effect it is popularized with the positive effect on the economy and the lives of the people around the world.


Some of the challenges that has been faced by Walmart


Walmart encounters multiple problems which include step competition constraints in business acquisitions negative reputation and several joint ventures in foreign markets but still this grown a stiff competition from other retail stores which have been adapted with low price strategy. Somehow walmart has to deal with negative reputation which stems from its low wages, sexual exploitation and low prices there are several cases of the employee exploitation which has been negatively reported but globally it has become grown popular. Nowadays in all the businesses there are millions of positive reputation as well as negative reputation it has to be balanced equally only then you can see growth in those venture.


How Walmart is unique from other store


Walmart which grows rapidly with wide growth Strategies and it has been transformed with the retail Industry and promoting other companies to emulate it from generating a series of economic and social challenges. In United States economists, labour historians, retail market analysis and people almost agree that this Walmart supercenter is one of the Unique company in terms of its impact and then influence on changing the corporate business and Labour practices as per customer satisfaction. Experts in the world give tough part to the Walmart even though it will tackle those situations and they work only for the customer satisfaction so it is one of the multi-National Corporation that has been grown popularly and it is one of the unique industry when compared to other store around the world. Walmart dominates multiple sale sectors in selling everything from sports, product, clothing apparel, grocery and office supplies which claims 20% each of the country’s retail toy businesses and also itself more groceries than any other US Supermarket chain which completely satisfice the customer.


Walmart stores innovative strategy


Walmart uniqueness comes from the business strategy and it is radically Innovative from multiple stores since it works mainly for the customer’s center of attraction and it distributes what customer needs at cheaper price. is one of the sophisticated distribution system and it is one of the information technology which will track inventory products which has significantly improved its productivity and efficiency this particularly makes more profit when compared to other retailers. In addition to the overall business strategy Walmart which grows its unique strategy in striking different most other big box retailers which establishes stores near major urban area in which it will become potential large and popular. Walmart near me mainly dominates in reducing the cost which will give an extraordinary power or pressure to the customers to buy the product in Walmart store which is completely unique.


Walmart delivery point


Walmart which has adapted changing retail environment such as it has been embraced in online retail store very much better than most of its brick and mortar retailer. The store which completely offers competitive pricing mainly for the products in online and it offers multiple shipping options such as eating tools, delivery to the customer’s house for free from the store. This will give you an extra advantage for the customers to mostly concentrate on Walmart supercenter this delivery store option is beneficial for Walmart because it will completely safe the shipping cost and it is one of the best chance to sell the customer more products which is inside the actual Store. These are the strategies which will cover the customers mind and it will always target towards Walmart super store

Nowadays Walmart has not only embraced in e- commerce better than most brick and mortar competitors which has branched into other services and it is increasingly better player in grocery retailer. Each Walmart supercenter will have full size grocery store which will be far more impressive selection for the customers and they mostly target on super target offer which has been developed with neighbourhood market concept here small grocery store is designed to cope with grocery chain every products are available in the Walmart store it is one shop Store. Walmart even now offers customers chance to place a grocery order online or even through smartphone application which have been ordered and it will be delivered to the customer’s vehicle immediately as per customer choice. Walmart is one of the traditional retail business model is changing the one area in which Walmart is looking to expand even more further by selling advertising to the branch in what company calls Walmart connect. Advertising factor is a key initiative for the future in order to drive incremental revenue and it completely works synergistically in the growth of e-commerce business.



Walmart is giving the workers a new way which is voice enabled mobile technology which will help the shop while inside the store and the retailer has publicly debuted and ask Sam voice assistant app which will really help the customers and it was developed by Sam’s Club employees. Walmart is very powerful only due to its purpose for consistently drive and to offer low everyday prices to the customers because of this Walmart has built for itself with loyal strong customer base. Customers walking into any Walmart store they can know and count on low prices which is one of the extra comfort for the customers so customer will always focus towards walmart store when compared to other stores. Walmart will completely focus on saving customers money and it has kept its mean strategy which has been build brand affinity by allowing the customers to save money. 

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