iGuard – Hand Sanitizer Spray – On The Go – Cellular, Journey, Dwelling and Automobile Use (Orange Citrus, 6 pack)

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(as of Dec 18,2020 13:03:42 UTC – Details)

Product Description

The iGuard mission:

iGuard is a health and wellness company that strives to develop innovative formulas with one goal in mind: Guard and protect friends, family and loved ones from the harm of the unknown. Our newly released hand sanitizer formula was developed by scientists, physicians and beauty experts to abide by the CDC guidelines for sanitation effectiveness, while adding breezy aromas of orange, lime and lemon, as well as moisturizing elements to give you a personal spa feel.

iGuard Hand Sanitizer Sprays – Perfect for Life On-The-Go

Stay germ free at home

Keep iGuard in your cabinet, at your desk or on your counter for quick and fuss-free sanitation.

Keep the germs away at work

iGuard clips perfectly onto your pocket or even on a backpack, making sanitation possible everywhere.

Stay stylish and clean

iGuard fits seamlessly into purses for a fashion friendly means to stay clean and healthy.

Smells good too!

Hate that alcohol after smell? Say no more, as iGuard is scented with breezy aromas of orange, lemon and lime.

Clean hands in as little as 1, 2 and 3!

Right after you spray iGuard smell the citrus aroma or orange, lime and lemon. 3 sprays is all you need! In fact, the iGuard spray delivery method is 3x more efficient than gel formulas.

Clean hands in as little as 1, 2 and 3!

Immediately after spraying, rub your hands together for at least 10 seconds and feel the formula blend perfectly into your skin, moisturizing while it kills bugs and germs. Our customers tell us iGuard helps combat dry hands and cracking.

Clean hands in as little as 1, 2 and 3!

Now you have clean hands! Go back to your day with confidence as iGuard contains 62% Ethyl Alcohol and follows the CDC guidelines for sanitation effectiveness. iGuard relies on science to keep you and your family safe.

Clean hands in as little as 1, 2 and 3!

Feel clean and ready to take on the World!

Smells good

Feels good

Clean hands

Happy hands!

Scented with hints of orange citrus, limes and lemon for spa-like aromas
Crafted with moisturizing elements to prevent dry skin from sanitation
Convenient pocket size sprays to meet all of life’s sanitation needs
600+ sprays/pack, estimated to last over 1 month (Cap color may vary)

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