You are currently viewing IAS Officer With Month Old Baby, Telangana Woman Who Rode 1,400 Km: Supermoms And Coronavirus Warriors

IAS Officer With Month Old Baby, Telangana Woman Who Rode 1,400 Km: Supermoms And Coronavirus Warriors

Mother’s Day is perhaps, that one day in a year when you appreciate your mother a little more than usual. And while we all know that mothers are loving and caring, too often, they are also fierce and brave.

In the middle of a global pandemic, this rings particularly true. They are mothers at home, they are warriors outside. Over the last few days since the outbreak of the pandemic, we saw many such stories of mothers.

Here’s a look at the supermoms who turned into Coronavirus warriors.

Telangana Woman Rode 1,400 KM to Bring Her Stranded Son Home 

Even amid the national lockdown, a mother travelled 1,400 kilometres to bring back her son stranded at Rahmatabad in Nellore district.

Rejiya Begum, a 50-year-old teacher and mother of two, travelled from Bodha town in Telangana’s Nizamabad district to Rahmatabad to bring back her younger child, Nizamuddin, who had gone to Nellore with his friend on March 12 to look after the latter’s ailing father. However, he had to remain there after the lockdown was imposed.

Begum then met local police officials and got a travel permit for her journey starting April 6. She returned home with her son two days later. Read more here.

Overnight, she became the Internet’s favourite mother.

Corona-Warrior Couple Locks Daughter at Home to Fight Covid-19

Another mother who put her child first, even if that meant leaving her home for several hours to ensure she isn’t infected.

Saroj Kumar, a constable with Rajasthan police said, “It’s quite tough to leave my 7-year-old daughter Dakshita for 8 hours but then nation comes first.”

“My husband has been working in Mahatma Gandhi Hospital’s isolation centre and hence has not come home for the past 15 days, fearing infection. In such situations, there is only one option — leaving my daughter at home, she says.

Bhilwara emerged as a major hotspot in the country after a well-known hospital became the epicentre of the virus spread. Measures by the administration and people’s cooperation since helped in breaking the corona chain here.

Bhilwara, in fact, was the first town where ‘maha curfew’ was clamped in the state to make the town corona-free. Curfew was clamped here right from March 20.

Doctor Mom Battles Spread in Rajkot, Toddler Punches ‘Corona’ 

For another mother, her son is ‘punching away’ Coronavirus for her, while she stays away and can only see him on videocall.

In their video conversation which has become a daily routine for the mother and son, no sooner she utters, “Corona”, the toddler throws punches in the air to kill the hidden ‘enemy’.

Between such jovial engagements, it’s been close to a month that Dr Neha Ambalia, a coronavirus warrior who has been serving at Babra health centre in Amreli district for the past 25 days hasn’t met her son.

“My duty comes first before my family,” says the medical practitioner, who adds that she has sensitized her son Neev to the evils of the dreaded virus. “I have put the fear in him so much that he now knows ‘corona’ is an enemy that needs to be punched at the very utterance of the word! He understands the gravity of this pandemic and also knows that his mother has to stay away from him to perform her duty as a doctor,” says Dr Ambalia.

IAS Officer Joins Fight Against Covid-19 With Her Month Old Baby

In another example, an IAS officer and new mother returned to work with her 1-month old infant.

Putting duty before herself, IAS officer and Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Commissioner (GVMC) G Srijana is one of the frontline warriors in this coronavirus pandemic situation as she returned to work just 22 days after giving birth, cutting short her maternity break. She also brought her nearly 1-month-old baby to work.

When asked about how she was able to care for her newborn along with her official duties, Srijana said that she had ample support from her lawyer-husband and her mother.

As a responsible and key official, she said she was aware of the importance of being at work during these difficult times and how much her services were required during these emergency services. Srijana said that the district administration was working in a combined effort to curb the virus menace.

Mother Throws Online Birthday Party for Girl with Leukemia

And while birthdays in lockdown suck, to make her daughter’s eighth birthday in isolation special and memorable, 44-year-old Tania hosted an online party for her. The eight-year-old Maia Blue was diagnosed with leukaemia in January 2019 and has been in isolation with her mother and 13-year-old sister since March.

As her birthday was on April 2, coinciding with the lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, Maia’s mother planned to make it memorable even in isolation. Owing to her weak immunity and prevailing health condition, Maia’s doctor had directed her stay indoors for at least three months. There was a magician who performed a special show and friends and family who joined to wish her. The mother made sure that the lockdown did not dampen the girl’s birthday celebration.

These mothers deserve a huge round of applause.

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