You are currently viewing How to login into the paramount plus login 2022? 

How to login into the paramount plus login 2022? 

How to login into the paramount plus login 2022? 

The world’s favourite actors, stories, and brands will soon be available on Paramount+. Prepare to be wowed with exceptional originals, exclusive debuts, blockbusters, and the best must-see TV. The paramount plus is a new service from Google-owned YouTube Red and it’s headed to Canada in December. People have access to this unparalleled TV streaming experience. But before we get there, it’s time to go over your questions about Paramount+ and the answers.

What is a paramount plus? 

Paramount+ is a new premium streaming service headed to Canada in December. It’s the latest offering from YouTube Red, Google’s paid streaming video service. The paramount+ will be available to Canadians at a price of $11.99 per month with no commitment. It will be home to the best must see TV, award-winning movie franchises and blockbuster films, exclusive Originals and more.

Steps to login into the paramount plus login 2022:

Step 1: Go to the official site of the paramount plus login.

Step 2: After entering your email address, you can immediately register yourself for the App using the email address entered. The name, password, and other information are optional.

  • If you choose to register with a username, you must have the same email address used for your account in the future. It is recommended to check the email address entered before finishing registration. It will be quicker if you create a new account later without login than re-registering by using the original email address used.

Step 3: After logging in, you can use YouTube Red without cost including Google Play Music and YouTube Premium subscription services. You can enjoy ad-free mobile streaming of music videos on YouTube and watch original series such as Cobra Kai on YouTube Red or live TV channels on Chromecast, Xbox One and Apple TV devices when purchased for YouTube TV members.

Step 4: Google created a specific page for paramountplus.

Step 5: Go to the site and you should be able to find a link on the main page, or in the account dashboard for Paramount+. Click it, and try to sign up.

Step 6: When you get there, you can click a button that says Subscribe. It will redirect you to your payment info page where you’ll enter your payment info.

Step 7: After signing in successfully, go back up to the top of your account dashboard and click on Account. `

How to watch Paramount+ on your TV? 

Paramount+ is a service that streams only certain popular media franchises in the United States. This means that you will not be able to watch any of those services on your television. However, if you have an Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One or other devices with YouTube TV, you can enjoy its benefits. You can also access YouTube Premium service with a single membership on Xbox One and Apple TV as well as Chromecast and other devices by using the YouTube Red app from Google Play. For more information about how to Sign in or Sign up for Paramount+.

Product Description of paramount plus login 2022: The world’s favourite actors, stories and brands will soon be available on paramount plus price. Prepare to be wowed with exceptional originals, exclusive debuts, blockbusters, and the best must-see TV.

Final Verdict: If you are a movie lover then for you this service will be great. Tons of movies and shows in it will amaze you and give you a great experience. I think that this service is for the people who like to watch the original broadcast. If you want to try for six months, you can register for it. After that, the cost of the subscription is $11.99 per month and there is no commitment. For more information, you can visit the official website Paramount+.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not legal advice and should not be seen as a substitute for obtaining legal advice. Paramount+ is NOT intended to solicit business from residents in any jurisdiction where we are not legally authorized to do so, including New York, Florida and Connecticut. Before subscribing, please familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy and ensure that your paid membership will provide sufficient benefits to justify the cost of this service in your particular situation.


  1. Who will have access to Paramount+ in Canada?

While Paramount+ is launching later this month, you can already register for the service at paramount The only way to gain access right now is through the website. You don’t need a Google account or a credit card, but you will be asked to enter your email address and phone number. If you sign up, you’ll be notified when Paramount+ is available in your area, and then get a seven-day free trial with no obligation to subscribe after that first week.

  1. Does my old account work with the new service?

Your account will be replaced by Paramount+. So if you have a YouTube Red membership that was purchased before November 8, 2017 the day the program of the same name was announced, your Paramount+ account will be linked to that membership. Those who have an existing YouTube Red subscription will also be able to access their content through all devices they use. You’ll be able to view all your movies and TV episodes through the service.

  1. Does titling my phone number or email address help me sign up?

No, your information is not used to provide you with a unique experience or personalised recommendations. Your Paramount+ account is tied to your email address, phone number, and a purchase history if you’ve already made a purchase from YouTube Red or the Paramount+ website.

  1. How does my Gmail address make me eligible for a free trial?

When you sign up for the free trial, an email is sent to that account—not to your actual Gmail address. Your status will only be confirmed as eligible after you have completed the seven-day free trial. This means that if your email was not recognized as eligible but you still signed up for a free trial, it’s because you didn’t allow enough time.

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