How Monarch Air Group Alleviated Journey Challenges throughout COVID-19

How Private Jet Charter Provider Offered Clients Support by Remaining Flexible, Transparent, and Leading by Example

The Fort Lauderdale private jet provider executed several actions to ease the passenger’s travel experience, from constant communication and openness, to ensuring the best practices were always met while operating through the uncertainties imposed by the pandemic.

Providing Clients with Transparent Communication

Remaining flexible can also be applied to business strategy. Diversification is a key aspect for success in today’s industry considering the various moving parts in our global, hyperconnected, economy. Executive charter flights are only the tip of the iceberg for private aviation providers and, while this segment might be the main driver of revenue, there are some companies willing to offer a comprehensive set of services.

During COVID-19 Monarch Air Group performed repatriation flights for families stranded far from home after the pandemic struck while on vacation, while also executing cargo flights for the transport of diverse goods and medical supplies. Operating cargo charters is not new for the company, as they have played a key role in humanitarian missions during natural disasters in the past, especially during hurricanes affecting communities in Florida and the Caribbean.

Furthermore, with the rise of travel restrictions especially for commercial aviation, there were many travelers searching for options to continue with their business activities and jobs. The previous elevated the number of first-time passengers experiencing private aviation, a huge opportunity for private jet providers to build ties with a potential group of long-term clients.

“This opportunity comes with great responsibility considering new customers will be experiencing a service that has been adapted to the new reality. Managing expectations while maintaining high safety and service standards has been key for us while building a relationship with first-time travelers”, concluded David Gitman.

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Establishing Best Practices and Leading by Example

In a sense, Monarch Air Group has established, with responsible actions, that flying during COVID-19 just got easier. Tailoring its service to the needs and concerns of their customers, while constantly remaining vigilant to the best practices regarding travel during the outbreak is the flight path the company has taken to deliver a safer and unique private jet experience. COVID-19 will probably continue to evolve in all continents; acknowledging this reality and remaining flexible is paramount to maintain high levels of passenger confidence throughout 2021.

Importance of Remaining Flexible

Travel is changing and those capable of acknowledging that as an opportunity will be better positioned to face the future. Fort Lauderdale-based private jet provider Monarch Air Group executed some actions to reduce their passenger’s uncertainty during unprecedented times while also capturing new markets during the pandemic.

Remaining flexible and open while operating under a pandemic is a key ingredient for success. When the global outbreak hit in late 2019 there was a lack of clear guidelines on how to sustain operational continuity while also maintaining a safe environment for employees and clients. While authorities issued best policies to perform business under the outbreak, these did not necessarily play a role in reducing anxiety and fear within the public, especially those in need of air transportation.

Private aviation operates in a safe environment, where passengers can control the travel process to a large extent. This segment has been in a prime position compared to its commercial counterpart due to exclusive boarding, less touchpoints in the overall process (thus fewer opportunities for contact with the virus) and a controlled atmosphere in the cabin, with passengers being able to choose who joins the trip.

Furthermore, due to the safety standards imposed by Monarch Air Group, the company has been an active player in providing a safe and reliable means of transportation for families reuniting during the holidays, especially the elderly, who opt for a controlled travel experience from start to finish, removed from the crowds of commercial aviation, and in constant communication with the company.

Honest communication can go a long way and therefore maintaining the flow of engagement with clients is paramount. Being able to perform that with candor and transparency, while also remaining honest in the sense that companies do not necessarily have all the answers, is the first step for providing a superior service. That is one of pillars in the mission of Monarch Air Group.

“Unprecedented times call for out of the box thinking and utmost transparency. We use the feedback from our clients, aligned with the best practices established by local and international authorities in the industry, to co-create value by delivering a service aimed at restoring passenger’s confidence while maintaining the highest levels of safety standards. We analyzed the concerns of our clients and materialized them in improvements for the overall travel experience. This openness will continue being an instrumental part of how we do business at Monarch Air Group”, explained Gitman.

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