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How do I edit my self-declaration form in Delhi?

The driving license is a document that is required to drive a vehicle. The driving permit also serves as proof of address and identity and can be used in several other ways, including proving your age to buy alcohol or cigarettes. In India, the law states that all drivers must renew their licenses every ten years, after which they would automatically get a new one issued by authorities. With this renewed license, you can change the details, such as your address or gender, if they are incorrect.

How do I edit my self-declaration form in Delhi?
How do I edit my self-declaration form in Delhi?

Delhi’s driving license is renewed online.

Delhi’s driving license is renewed online.

An online driving license renewal is available in Delhi, and you Can see a Delhi driving license renewed online by following some simple steps. The online renewal of driving privileges is straightforward and takes less time. You can restore your DL as per the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the official website of DVS and download dlvc_online_renewal_2018.pdf or DLVC Online Renewal 2018. From there, fill in all necessary details, choose your category and make payment for the fees (if required). After submitting it at DVS office through post/ courier service or handover, it personally to DVS office along with all the necessary documents such as an original copy of RC book along with one photocopy, self-declaration form signed by applicant & father/ mother if minor, etc., get a receipt which will be valid only for 15 days from date of issue after which it expires automatically so don’t forget to collect it before expiry otherwise you have to pay again for processing fee also. 

Edit Delhi Driving License

  • Download the form 1 self-declaration for the learning license.
  • Fill the form 1 online.
  • Submit form 1 online.
  • Get your form 1 self-declaration for learning license printed out and signed by you and two witnesses.
  • Submit your form 1 self-declaration for learning license to the transport office with all other required documents as mentioned in this article before taking driving lessons from an authorized RTO (Regional Transport Office) approved driving school or institute in Delhi.

Change of Address in Delhi Driving License

Change of Address in Delhi Driving License

To change your address in your Delhi driving license, you will have to complete the following steps:

  • Download a new form from the Internet and fill it out. You can get this form from the RTO’s site or any other official website that provides information about driving licenses. Make sure you fill in all the fields correctly, including your signature, date of birth, and further details such as address and phone number, before submitting it online or offline. The fee for applying for a new license will also be mentioned on this form, so make sure you pay accordingly when sending off your application.”

Lost or Defaced Driving License


If you have lost your driving license, please visit the nearest RTO office with a copy of your identity proof and other documents required for a duplicate license. You will be given a form to fill in the details of a new driving license and will be asked to pay the applicable fees. Suppose you are not able to provide an original document as proof. In that case, one has to submit an affidavit stating that they cannot produce an original paper as proof for any reason. Duplicate driving licenses are made after verification with the RTO’s database, which may take some time depending upon the workload of the office concerned.

Permanent Driving License in Delhi

To get a permanent driving license in Delhi, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A self-declaration form.
  • Your original driving license. If your current license is not valid, any other official document that proves your identity will do (such as a passport).
  • Proof of residence in Delhi or an affidavit stating that you have been living in Delhi for less than six months (if applicable).

Once all the documents are submitted and accepted by the authorities, they will issue you a permanent driving license with which you can drive without worrying about getting another one again.

Duplicate Driving License in Delhi

You can apply for a duplicate driving license in case of loss or damage. In this case, you need to submit a police report and pay the penalty of Rs.500/- as well as Rs.1000/-

To apply for Duplicate Driving License in Delhi, here are the steps:

  • Go to the concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO) with your original driving license and apply for a duplicate driver’s license by paying the requisite fee.
  • You will be issued an acknowledgment slip valid only for two days.
  • it will become invalid unless your duplicate driver’s license is not ready yet or if some additional documents are required from you.

Edit your self-declaration form for driving license

You can edit your self-declaration form for your driving license online in Delhi.

also edit your self-declaration form for a learning license online in Delhi.

You can edit your self-declaration form for a permanent driving license online in Delhi.

Edit your self-declaration form online for a duplicate driving license in Delhi.


The process of editing your self-declaration form is simple and hassle-free. You can do it online or offline, depending on your convenience. In addition, the process is simple and easy to follow, so you don’t face any issues while editing your driving license data.

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