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How dangerous is the second wave of CORONA mutant variety

Rapidly every country in India is experiencing the pace of corona infection. There are more than lakhs of new cases being reported every day. Even though the prime minister has denied the possibility of complete lockdown still the situation is getting harsh and is raising concern for government of India. The virus has worstly affected people with harshening the situation that have raised the concern of government to higher extent. Recently the hottest news is the deficiency of oxygen for patients across the majorly affected countries. With the worst situations moving ahead children and middle aged people are suffering a lot with the infection. The Covid-19 has severely affected since last year. The time around patients is mostly children and pregnant women.


Apart from the first kind, the second wave has bought more of symptoms that are hazardous to health with enhancing corona infection to the next level. It’s the covid-19 impacting health conditions and hampering the upper respiratory system. As of certain new studies, people are going to experience symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and nausea. These are needed not to be taken lightly at all. Best thing is when you experience any of the symptom, first visit the testing centre and take the COVID-19 test to get better treatment easily.

Stay careful with the rising symptoms

With the rising number of COVID cases it’s very important to stay strong and first identify the symptoms which are a necessary factor. After the first wave, it’s the second wave that has been creating the major level of concern across India. This has been adding caseloads in every passing day are super deadly. Right from the new strains to added severity, the spike in the cases has also been largely seen amongst the healthier age groups and the ones between 25 -40 years old.

The young mass is quite affective with landing more causality in hospitals. The age group hasn’t been prioritized for the vaccination process. The authorities also suggest that the lack of COVID-19 appropriate behavior is likely a factor responsible for impacting young and healthy right now. Those who are taken to consideration would surely take on impact further.

The second wave is causing new and unusual symptoms other than fever

As being said by doctors, there are more and more people being tested positive for the presence of virus and are also getting into risk of showcasing the vague and unusual symptoms. These symptoms were not reported previously in the first wave and are now into action in the second wave. As of experts, fever might not always be the priority as a sign of corona infection but there are many more typical symptoms being observed among the young mass which must need attention for treatment.

Dry mouth

The dry mouth is characterized as an oral symptom which is associated with the COVID-19. This is also common with a lot of other viral infections. The dry mouth can disrupt the production of saliva in the mouth and further facilities with spreading the pathogen including SARS-COV-2. There are even no clinical evidences as how the situation is fueling the early symptoms. The doctor’s right now is believed that the dry mouth is the syndrome or Xerostomia that happens when virus attacks muscle linings and the oral tissues present inside the mouth. This could also strike before other symptoms like fever and cough. Xerostomia is going to make you feel sense of dryness or stickiness in the mouth and further is making saliva quite thicker. This would also let you experience bad breath.

Gastro intestinal diseases

In the absence of cough and fever, the gastrointestinal issues are quite new symptom which is seen in people testing positive for the virus. This is making the covid cases severe and may only show up in the gut and cause abdominal distress. There are a lot might happen as with the gut connection with immune system is quite pivotal. The gut micro biome has a great defensive action which fights out the viruses, fungi, bacteria and also helps with an active immune response. So any kind of disturbance in the gut micro biome is going to bring out consequences for health. The symptoms like unusual abdominal cramps, persistent pain and difficulty in digestion, loss of appetite are among early sign of COVID that demand testing immediately.

Even nausea is one of the usual presentations of gastrointestinal infection which can occur chronically through the infection and at times it resolves of its own. This is not an uncommon sign of illness in case of adults and kids. Apart of that the rapid spread of virus, systematic inflammation, side effects of drugs during treatment or psychological distress which can result in nausea. When it goes more severe patients vomit up blood and need certain kind of acute medical attention. Even people are going to get troubled symptoms like acid reflux, gastritis and belching with nausea.

Diarrhea and loose motion

Patients with the new wave of covid 19 shows up symptoms like diarrhea, loose stools and faecal inconsistency. This may not happen in every case but doctors warn that lot of people undergoes these kind of symptoms before any other kind of typical symptoms like fever or body pain. Even reports and evidences suggest that faecal transmission which can be a route for spread of virus. If people doesn’t exhibit diarrhea and suspects it to be the covid 19. Isolation and using separate facilities is advised for minimizing contamination risk.

Apart from the above, there are symptoms like red and runny eyes, Headache and conjunctivitis. Even viral pink eye is also seen as a symptom which is predominantly visible as a sign of trouble which happens. These are considered as the viral conjunctivitis which is quite a common symptom and tends to affect single eye like normal conjunctivitis, wheezing, constant eye irritation, sensitivity to light is also a major issue which comes ahead as a symptom of new wave of covid. Even people feel headache which is a major issue and is quite stiff issue of covid suffers.

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