You are currently viewing How can I know my driving licence number in Gujarat?

How can I know my driving licence number in Gujarat?

How can I know my driving licence number in Gujarat?

It is famous for its textile industry and various other industries. If you want to drive a vehicle or own a car, you must have a driving licence from your state government. This document has some important information about you like name and address etc. You can also get an international driving permit for travelling abroad. Here are some helpful links that can help you know more about your driving licence number:

How can I know my driving licence number in Gujarat?
How can I know my driving licence number in Gujarat?

Visit the website of the RTOs.

  • Visit the website of the RTOs. If you have your driving licence number memorized, you can visit the websites of the various RTOs and search for it. Make sure to click on “Driving Licence” to see a list of all of your licences that are registered with them.
  • Look for an RTO number on the website. You should see your name and other information about yourself (such as age, height and weight). Under this information will be an RTO number; if you want to find out what this number means exactly (and how it is used), then look at our guide above!
  • Call the office and ask someone who works there what their RTO number means – they’ll probably tell you right away because they’ve seen this question before!

Find RTO number on driving licence.

You can find your RTO number on the driving licence. If you have a physical copy of your driver’s license, it will be printed on the front of the document just below your photo.

If you do not have a physical copy of your driver’s license and need to know your RTO number, then look for a sticker on the back that has an eight-digit number written in red ink with black borders around it and no serial numbers or letters. This should be located where it says “Driver’s Licence” or “Driving License.”

You can also locate this information by looking at the backside of your driving licence as there will also be an eight-digit number written in red ink but without any borders around it.

Call the respective regional transport offices.

If you’re looking for your driver’s license number, you can contact the respective Regional Transport Offices. The phone numbers, email addresses and timings of these offices are given below:

  • Ahmedabad RTO: 079-26330181 / 26330182
  • Bharuch RTO: 02632-222323 / 222231
  • Bhavnagar RTO: 02891-255087 / 255089
  • Botad District RTO: 02751-256330 / 256331 and 256669 (Mukti Bhavan)
  • Chhota Udepur District RTO: 02892-244444, 244404 (Mukti Bhavan)

You can easily find your driving license number by using these ways.

how to find my driver’s license number online in Gujarat

Knowing your driving license number is essential. It helps you to get all the information about your driving license and its validity. You can easily find your driver’s licence number by using these ways:

  • You can check online through the websites of RTOs or regional transport offices. The website will have all the details about each driver’s license, including their numbers and expiration dates.
  • If you have an internet connection at home, it is easy to search for it on Google or other search engines like DuckDuckGo or Bing. Many online resources are available for this purpose so that anyone can easily find out how much time they have left before their licenses expire!

SMS is one of the main options available for the citizens of Gujarat to check their DL status.

You can check your DL status by texting the server number mentioned on your licence. You will receive a text in response with all the details of your DL, including its expiry date and any other information you need. You can also use SMS to renew, update or change further information like address, medical records etc.

You need to follow a few simple steps to get your licence details on your phone.

If you’re an Indian citizen who has applied for a new driving license or got one recently, you can use your mobile number to check the status of it. That is, if you have a working internet connection on your mobile phone and the necessary permissions required on your phone.

To check the status of your driving license by SMS:

  • Send an SMS containing “DL DL” to 88888777888 (the number is valid across India). For example, if your SCR No is 1234567890 and TLN No is 9876543210, type in “DL 1234567890”. If there are multiple drivers with that same name, send all their DL Numbers after each other in one message separated by spaces so that all drivers get included in one letter (e.g., ‘DL 1234567890 DL 9876 5432100’).


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