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How can I download Twitter videos easily?


Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to post short text updates, called ‘tweets.’ If you have a smartphone, you can also post videos directly from your phone’s camera function. This can be useful if you share videos quickly and easily without needing special equipment.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use Twitter’s built-in video camera and how best to upload your content for maximum impact!

How to download Twitter videos along with the Twitter videos.

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Twitter Video Downloader

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The main thing about this application is that now it allows users who do not have any technical knowledge of computers or smartphones to access their services easily and quickly without any problem!

How to save Twitter videos and GIFs.

Twitter has two ways to save a video:

  • From, you can click the three dots in the upper right corner of any tweet with a video attached. Select “Save Video as GIF” or “Download.” The gif will be downloaded to your Downloads folder, which you can find in Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows).
  • From within the Twitter app on iOS or Android, tap on the middle of a tweet containing an animated GIF to view it in full-screen mode. Then tap and hold until a menu asks if you want to save it as an animated GIF; select ‘Save’ from this menu, and it will be added directly into your Photos/Videos library for easy access later!

How to convert Twitter videos to MP4.

  • You can convert Twitter video to MP4 using the video converter app on your Android device.
  • You can download a Twitter video using different apps such as VLC, TubeMate, and many other apps developed for this purpose.
  • Some Twitter downloaders are available in the market, which also helps you easily get the videos from Twitter accounts.
  • Some apps include ‘Twitter Video Downloader,’ ‘Twitvid’ etc.

How to download Twitter video on mobile.

Twitter video is the new way of sharing videos on Twitter. It allows you to share interesting and funny moments viewed by friends, family, and followers.

However, sometimes you may want to download these videos to watch them later without an internet connection or share them with others. Here are some ways how you can download Twitter videos from your phone:

  • Open the video directly from the Twitter app.

If you have downloaded the official Twitter app for Android or iOS devices, then it’s very easy for you to save your favorite videos immediately. Just tap the “Download” button in the bottom right corner of the screen when watching a tweet with a short video attached to it (or long form). The full file will appear in your gallery as an MP4 file, so anyone who wants could easily view it later without needing any extra software installed first!

This is an article about how we can download Twitter videos easily.

Twitter is a social network that allows its users to store short posts and videos for up to 140 seconds. As you might have guessed, Twitter videos are not stored as MP4s but rather in the proprietary format known as Twitvid. Moreover, they can only be downloaded from the mobile app or desktop website. If you want to download Twitter video files from your desktop browser, it’s easy enough: click on the “Share” button located underneath the tweet and select “Save video.”

However, if you want to download all of your saved videos at once or save them onto another device for viewing offline (or for any other reason), this method won’t work. And if all else fails…

This article covers how I could do that using an online tool called [https://www.videodownloaderpro***/](https://www.videodownloaderpro***/.


I hope this article has helped you understand how to download a video from Twitter. I know it can be a bit overwhelming initially as so many different options are available. The best thing is to use one that suits your needs and budget!

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