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how benefits road tax in Punjab

Punjabi Motor Vehicles Department (Punjab MVD) is a department of the Government of Punjab. It is responsible for registering and licensing vehicles in the state of

how benefits road tax in Punjab
how benefits road tax in Punjab

Punjab. It also collects various taxes such as road tax, registration fees etc., and issues vehicle documents like registration certificates (RC) and number plates. The department was formed by combining four other departments: Transport & Housing Management (T&HM), Motor Vehicles Licensing Agency (MVLA), Transport Research & Training Institute (TRTI) and Road Safety Council (RSC).

Punjab motor vehicle department

Punjab Motor Vehicle Department is a government organization that deals with the registration and licensing of motor vehicles. It also issues driving licenses for all road users in Punjab, India. The department is headed by a Director General (DG), who reports directly to the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Some other organizations are attached to this department, including:

  • Punjab Motor Accident Fund Authority (PMAF)
  • Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT)

Punjab motor vehicles challan status

You can find your challan status online by entering the vehicle number in the search bar and clicking “search”. After you have searched for your vehicle, click on “view challan”. You will now be able to see all details of your challan, such as payment status, due date, etc.

You can also pay the tax online by clicking “make payment”. To make payments online, you will need an internet connection, valid debit/credit card details, and an e-wallet account (like Paytm).

Punjab motor vehicle rules

In Punjab, there are several benefits for the people of the state. The tax has been reduced on several items to make life easier for them and their families. One such use is that you do not have to pay tax on your vehicle if it is registered as a commercial vehicle. The Punjab Motor Vehicle Rules also provide special provisions related to vehicle registration, taxation, licensing and penalties in case of violations.

As per these rules:

road tax in Punjab

  • Punjab road tax online payment can be made through the Punjab motor vehicle department website
  • The official website of the Punjab motor vehicle department is or mvd Punjab
  • People who have not yet paid their road tax need to go to this link and follow a few steps so that they can pay their road tax without any hassle

Punjab motor vehicle department challan status

  • You can check the status of your challan online by logging into the official website of the Punjab Motor Vehicle Department.
  • The department provides an option to check the status of multiple challans at a time.
  • To know about the result, enter your registration number and select the desired type of tax that you want to pay. Then click on the ‘Show Details’ button and wait until you receive an email notification about your query regarding motor vehicle tax in Punjab.

mvd Punjab

The Punjab Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) is responsible for all matters related to motor vehicles in the state. The department regulates and controls all aspects of motor vehicle usage, including registrations, licensing and permits. Your vehicle will be registered with the MVD when you apply for a registration certificate or test-drive your car with us at CarWale. A new vehicle must be reported within 15 days of purchase, while used cars must be registered within 30 days of their purchase date.

There are several ways through which one can obtain a driving license in Punjab:

  • You can apply directly with the RTO office on applying online or in-person by submitting required documents and paying a fee payment amounting to Rs 500/- per year payable by cash/DD etc., along with photocopies of necessary documents only available at MVD offices located across Punjab;
  • You can also apply through an authorized agent who would guide you through each step, from filling up forms online to going personally if needed.;
  • If any particular agency is not providing services like getting approvals from authorities concerned, then contact us now!

Punjab road tax online payment

Benefits of Punjab Road Tax Online Payment

The benefits of Punjab Road Tax Online Payment are as follows:

  • The process is easy. No need to visit any bank or post office to pay the tax dues. You can easily do this task sitting in your home. It takes just a few minutes to complete the entire procedure of making payment through online mode.
  • You will get an E-Voucher on your email id, which can be used as proof for claiming a tax rebate if you have purchased any new car during this financial year (i.e., from April 1st, 2018, till March 31st, 2019).
  • You will get a receipt of payment through SMS on your mobile number that you have mentioned while filling up the form for making payment online.*


As we have seen, there are several benefits to owning a car registered as an RTC. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the registration process can be lengthy and expensive. If you’re interested in learning more about how this tax works and what it entails for drivers in Punjab, check out our blog!

In conclusion, there are many ways to save money when driving your car in Punjab. However, one thing that should always  keeep in mind is the registration process for an RTC, which will be costly unless you know what you’re doing.

Make sure to research before making any decisions on this matter. Another point worth noting is if a vehicle has convert from diesel into petrol, then it will not qualify as an RTC (unless they’re built after April 2016).

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