Holding Palms, Ohio Couple Married for 70 Years Dies Minutes Aside After Contracting Covid-19

In a heartbreaking incident, an Ohio couple of 70 years who had contracted COVID-19 died minutes apart from each other.

The couple Dick Meek (90) and Shirley Meek (87) had celebrated their 70 years of marriage on December 22 and tested positive for coronavirus after a couple of weeks following which they were admitted to Riverside Hospital in Columbus, a report in WMCActionnews5 reported.

Admitted in separate rooms, the couple’s family got their parents placed in the same room upon hospital staff’s approval to have them share their final moments together.

“Mom passed first,” one the couple’s daughters Debbie Howell was quoted as saying by the news portal. “They were holding hands. The nurse put Mom’s head on my dad’s shoulder, and she said to Dad, ‘Dick, it’s OK to let go now. Shirley’s waiting for you.’ He passed within minutes.”

Shattered by their deaths, the daughters hoped that their parents’ story would encourage people to take COVID-19 seriously while giving the virus the respect in the times of the pandemic.

The daily further noted that the couple Dick and Shirley died three days before their due vaccine appointments in Ohio.

In a similar incident that took place in December last year, an elderly couple based out of USA’s Chicago lost their lives to the deadly coronavirus. Mike Bruno and Carol Bruno adhered to all precautionary measures that were advised by health organisations. The only thing that went wrong was that Carol went out for a haircut to her son’s residence.

According to a report published in the CNN, the couple died 10 days apart. The duo was married for almost 60 years. Their son Joseph Bruno told the portal that he wants the case of his parents to be considered as an example. He is of the opinion that everyone should know that anybody can contract the virus. Joseph revealed that it was only a single mistake that took his parents’ lives.

Describing the series of events, he mentioned that Carol had visited him and his sister who works at the salon as she was supposed to give their mom a haircut. As a precautionary measure, the sister had taken the coronavirus test. The report was negative yet she ensured that she quarantines herself for a couple of days. Even though the children were seeing their mother after a really long time, they ensured that no hugs were exchanged. In fact, they also made it a point to wear masks at all times. As a further precautionary measure, the son had also ensured that the windows of the house are opened.

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