Here are 5 Social Media Challenges that Broke the Internet during Coronavirus Lockdown

Jonas Brothers doing the Gesture challenge (left) and Dalgona coffee (right).
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Desperate times desperate measures, people across the world came up with a lot of challenges and activities to keep themselves entertained during this period.

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Last Updated: June 2, 2020, 2:31 PM IST

It has been over two months since the lockdown began in various parts of the world. While it is true that the lockdown was most essential to curtail the spread of novel coronavirus, it cannot be denied that it did bring along a lot of boredom.

But as they say, desperate times desperate measures, people across the world came up with a lot of challenges and activities to keep themselves entertained during this period.

We take a look at five of these challenges that broke the internet:

1.Gesture Challenge

This challenge is available as a filter on both Instagram and TikTok. In order to complete the challenge the person has to imitate the set of emoji gestures to the tunes of a fast paced music background. A lot of celebrities including, Alia Bhatt, Nick Jonas etc also took part in this challenge.

2. Blanket Challenge

This challenge became quite popular among fashion enthusiasts. The idea behind this was to use blankets available at home to make an outfit for yourself. Taking it further, some people also ended up doing their own in-house fashion shows with various outfits that they made out of their blankets.

3. Doodle Challenge

This challenge is not only good for bonding with a family member or partner but also helps you channelise your inner Picasso. As a part of this challenge a sheet of paper is attached to one person’s back and another sheet is put in front of that person. The challenge is to recreate the design that the other person is making on the first person’s back just by feeling the gestures.

4. Dalagona Coffee

Most coffee lovers across the globe united for this challenge. It not only was a delight as a beverage but also gave rise to quite a few memes after people started comparing it with normal beat coffee. To make this coffee, a person needs to fill a glass with ice and milk and put the airy beaten coffee layer on the top. To beat coffee for Dalgona, you need to mix coffee, sugar and warm water till it becomes really smooth.

5. Patience Challenge

In this challenge a person has to put a favourite snack or fruit or any food item that their child or pet may like, in front of them and have to ask them not to eat that item before you return to the room. A camera is placed in the said room to record the reaction of the child or the pet.,are,5,Social,Media,Challenges,that,Broke,the,Internet,during,Coronavirus,Lockdown,Blanket,Challenge,Challenges,during,pandemic,&publish_min=2020-06-01T11:53:24.000Z&publish_max=2020-06-03T11:53:24.000Z&sort_by=date-relevance&order_by=0&limit=2

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