Hate Brigade Takes to Twitter to Troll Pakistan After Shahid Afridi Checks Covid-19 Constructive

Shahid Afridi. (Image: Shahid Afridi/Twitter)

While some commented that “this should teach him a lesson”, others said that Afridi would now have to beg for ventilators from India to survive.
Last Updated: June 13, 2020, 5:39 PM IST

Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has tested positive for the novel coronavirus and he announced this on social media on Saturday afternoon.

In a tweet, Afridi wrote, “I’ve been feeling unwell since Thursday, my body had been aching badly. I’ve been tested and unfortunately, I’m COVID positive. Need prayers for a speedy recovery, InshaAllah”

Here’s his tweet:

In the last few months, Afridi has gone out of his way to help thousands with food, ration and other essential supplies as Pakistan grapples to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. In May, Afridi had bought a cricket bat being auctioned by Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim in order to raise funds to fight the deadly virus. His efforts had been lauded by Indian cricketers like Yuvraj Singh too.

Shockingly, some Indians decided it was okay to make memes and jokes out of the situation. Afridi may be the former cricketer in a rival team, but he is still another Covid-19 patient.

While some commented that this was “good news” and that “it would teach him a lesson”, others said that Afridi would now have to beg for ventilators from India to survive. Others took it one step further and dragged Indian cricketer turned politician Gautam Gambhir into it saying that the latter must be happy with the news. Need we remind you that such jokes only show how we’ve hit rock bottom as human beings?

On Friday, Irfan Pathan was subjected to communal trolling after he shared a message about unity and peace. He was even blamed for playing the victim card on grounds of religion.

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Despite the trolling, there were quite a few who took to social media to share prayers and blessings after the cricketer announced the news.

The way this man #shahidafridi has worked hard for humanity since the start of this Covid-19 pandemic will be written with golden words .While other celebrities were resting at home, He was busy in distributing ration in village areas. Get well soon Lala @SAfridiOfficial pic.twitter.com/Bxkcj8qKhR

β€” Bilal Shahid (@BilalShahidRana) June 13, 2020

Lala has been tested positive for COVID-19 πŸ’” May Allah Grant him with best health….Get well soon Lala you’re the king of our hearts..β™₯οΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡°
We all pray for you πŸ™ŒπŸ»#shahidafridi pic.twitter.com/BY0sY8ATz5

β€” ~ JAHANGIR πŸ’«πŸ‡΅πŸ‡° (@JkSayss) June 13, 2020

Lala tested Positive for COVID 19 let’s pray for Lala. ❀
The man who helped peoples in Rural areas instead of sitting at home. May he get well soon inshallah.#shahidafridi pic.twitter.com/lGqNFcsbvq

β€” Taha Khan😎 (Eman Ka Janam DinπŸŽ‚) (@_Taha_khan1_) June 13, 2020


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