Credits: Twitter/
Harsh Goenka

In a minute clip shared on Twitter, different machines are seen pulling off different functions.

Business tycoon Harsh Goenka took to Twitter to share a video that features robots that are seen enforcing Covid appropriate behaviour. In a minute clip shared on Twitter, different machines are seen pulling off different functions. One machine has the ability to nudge people who are not wearing a mask, while another robot is seen vaccinating people door to door, and a different machine which not only nudges but also provides a mask to those who are not wearing it. The video has been titled ‘This should be in India’.

Ever since Goenka has posted the video, it has garnered over 18 thousand views and many reactions in the comments. A woman user gave a reality check in reply to the tweet saying that the machines will be smeared with ‘paan stains’ in no time. Furthermore, she also wrote that people in India will end up selling the parts of the machine in ‘Chor Bazar.’

In India, they will be stained with paan stains within few weeks of their introduction, they’ll attract huge crowd during the day(a strict no-no during covid times) and very soon their spare parts will be sold at chor bazar— StarLover (@MyNameIsPBee) June 26, 2021

A netizen mentioned how these robots are needed in housing societies where educated people continue to roam around without wearing a mask. Another user agreed that these machines are needed in India. He urged Goenka to provide the same in Delhi and Mumbai.

Appreciated sir, we need similar stuff in Delhi. PLZZ arrange. For Mumbai as well.— Ashok Kumar (@ashok85_sso) June 27, 2021

Some other reactions included:

sir india me nai hoga , yaha paise nai churate pura ATM machin churate— Prashant (@vanmoreprashant) June 26, 2021

Wrong message. Outdoor strolls in non-crowded areas does not need mask— Siddhartha (@siddhartha4you) June 26, 2021

It will get vanished quickly if in India!— SeemaM (@SeemaMangaonkar) June 26, 2021

Previously, Goenka had shared a part of this clip on Twitter. In the bit, he had posted only one machine was shown. That tweet got over 34 thousand views and over 70 comments.

People shared different opinions in reply to the tweet. One person mentioned how the business tycoon should read up more so that he realises that there are different opinions regarding wearing a mask. Another user mentioned how the harm caused by unmasking is different in various situations and occasions.

Not all inconveniences are same. Not all occassions of ‘unmasking’ are equally disastrous and harmful. Treating it otherwise may make ppl unmask when it’s most required: ie in crowds, in places with poor ventilation, and/or while talking to someone.— The Clickbait Expert (@manubhatt3) June 21, 2021

So it seems u say that masks are scientific…..may b if u read a little more, u may find some different views. Whichever is correct n scientific shud b followed. Stay Safe.— Being Amore (@BeingAmore) June 21, 2021

A Twitter user also opined that the cost of manpower is less in India. So, a person can be used to do this job instead of a machine-made from metal.

The manpower cost is relatively low in India so instead of robot slapping a normal person can also do the needful :):):)— Reshma Pai (@ReshmaPai15) June 21, 2021

A bunch of people also agreed to Goenka’s suggestion of this machine being installed at every crossing.

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