Old picture of Keith Robinson and Gwendolyn.
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Even death failed to separate a couple from California who died of coronavirus just days apart from each other.
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Last Updated: August 6, 2020, 1:58 PM IST

Marriages come with a vow which says, “Till Death Do Us Apart”.

However, even death failed to separate a couple from California who died of coronavirus just days apart from each other. Both of them, who have been best friends and married for 35 years, have lost their battle to COVID-19 within a week’s difference.

“It wasn’t until he woke up gasping for air that I said, ‘We have to take you to the emergency room. We can’t treat it at home any longer,’ and that was the last time I saw him,” their daughter Eboni Hunter told ABC.

Keith Robinson, a former US Postal Worker, died of coronavirus complications 11 days after he lost his wife Gwendolyn because of the deadly virus.

Both of them had other complications as well. While Keith, aged 62, had diabetes, Gwendolyn, aged 60, had asthma as well as blood cancer.

Describing the relationship the parents shared, their son De Lon Adams said, “Every weekend they were together. You know it was them because they had the same clothes on. They would dress alike. If it was Sunday, it was 49ers gear. If it was during the week, it was Warriors gear or Giants gear.”

While Gwendolyn was admitted to hospital on July 14, Keith was admitted two days earlier on July 12. Gwendolyn was first to pass away on July 18, followed by Keith’s demise on July 29. The couple are now survived by four children and ten grandchildren.

Their funeral will be held on August 12. To ensure a proper burial, the family has initiated a GoFundMe Page.

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