Gov. Ron DeSantis brags about Florida’s dealing with of coronavirus

A video of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis bragging about Florida’s success tackling the coronavirus pandemic has embarrassingly resurfaced as the state now battles a surge in new cases and continues to break single-day records — clocking a whopping 8,942 new infections Friday. 

The undated clip was shot “last month” according to Ahmed Baba, the co-founder, president and editor-in-chief of Rantt Media, who posted the video to Twitter. 

“Our data is available, our data is transparent, in fact, Dr. Birx has talked multiple times about how Florida has the absolute best data so any insinuation otherwise is just typical partisan narrative trying to be spun,” DeSantis ranted in the video. 

“Part of the reason is that because you got a lot of people in your profession who waxed poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was going to be just like New York, wait two weeks and Florida’s going to be next just like Italy, wait two weeks. Well hell, we’re eight weeks away from that and it hasn’t happened,” DeSantis goes on, using a smug voice when recalling the naysayers before triumphantly proclaiming Florida has been spared of the virus’s vicious impact. 

DeSantis then goes on to brag about the state’s low death rate compared to the Midwest, the Northeast and across the South, pointing to states like Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia — many of which are now facing a similar resurgence. 

As Florida reports nearly 9,000 new cases, a single day record for the state, this video from last month of DeSantis bragging about how everyone was wrong about how Florida would be hit hard by coronavirus won’t age well.

— Ahmed Baba (@AhmedBaba_) June 26, 2020

“Florida has the lower death rate, and I was the number one landing spot from tens of thousands of people leaving the number one hot zone in the world to come to my state so we succeeded,” DeSantis says in the video, referring to a mass exodus of New Yorkers to the Sunshine State at the height of the pandemic. 

“I think that people just don’t want to recognize it because it challenges their narrative, it challenges their assumption so they gotta try to find a boogie man. Maybe it’s that there are black helicopters circling the department of health, if you believe that, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you,” DeSantis seethed. 

On Friday, Florida reported a staggering 8,942 new coronavirus cases, nearly doubling its previous record set two days earlier and prompting an immediate shutdown of alcohol consumption at bars.

Over the last week, Florida has recorded 29,163 new infections, which is nearly a quarter of the state’s total number of confirmed cases since the pandemic began more than three months ago, according to the Miami Herald.

They’ve repeatedly eclipsed their own single-day records as the state’s total number of confirmed cases rose to 122,960 Friday.

The number of deceased patients also nearly tripled overnight with 137 new deaths reported Friday. On Thursday, just 46 deaths were reported.

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