On Saturday morning, India saw yet another record high of Covid-19 cases in 24 hours with 2,34,692 fresh Covid cases and 1,341 deaths. With the number of active cases shooting up to 16,79,740, the country’s health infrastructure is starting to show signs of strain. With lakhs of patients in need of immediate medical assistance, hospitals, oxygen tanks, plasma from former Covid-19 patients, and the drug Remdisivir across cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, social media is being used by many to seek help. And several good samaritans have since come forth to provide help and assistance to those in need.

From the beginning of the week, many on social media including actors, politicians, comedians, influencers and even ordinary social media users have been using the platforms to spread awareness about the availability of plasma, connecting patients with donors, arranging Remdesivir doses for patients, putting them in touch with emergency services such as ambulances and more.

Many including actor Sonu Sood and comedian Appurv Gupta took to Twitter to help out those in need. Sood posted on Friday that his phone had been flooded with calls from all over India with patients looking for hospital beds, medicines, injections and that he had been feeling “helpless” as he had not been able to meet all the requirements.

Since morning I haven’t kept my phone down, thousands of calls from all over India for HOSPITAL BEDS, MEDICINES, INJECTIONS and still not able to provide to many of them, I feel so helpless.The situation is scary, pls stay at home ,wear mask and prevent yourself from infection.— sonu sood (@SonuSood) April 16, 2021

For any oxygen related problem in lucknow feel free to tag i will try my best to arrange — Riniti Chatterjee (@Chatterj1Asking) April 16, 2021

8657311088 this is toll free number of CIPLA, manufacturer of Remdesivir.

Those in need can reach out directly & the company is providing the injections directly to Hospital without any dealer etc.

Save the number, Share it with people around you in need.

— Saral Patel (@SaralPatel) April 16, 2021

If you need hospital beds, plasma or other COVID related help please tag me will amplify— Swati Chaturvedi (@bainjal) April 16, 2021

My DM is open ..If you are Covid recover pateint from the month of January And willing to donate your Plasma Kindly DM me..this can save the life of needy..Delhi people please come forward..Let’s see the Social Media reach.— Dr.Monika Langeh (@drmonika_langeh) April 16, 2021

The total number of cases stand at 1,45,26,609, total recoveries are at 1,26,71,220 and the total death toll is 1,75,649.

New Delhi will see its first weekend Covid curfew even as the city saw yet another record spike in numbers. While Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has called this the fourth wave, Delhi on Friday recorded 19,486 fresh Covid-19 cases and 141 deaths due to the disease. Maharashtra meanwhile recorded 63,729 fresh coronavirus cases taking the tally past the 37-lakh mark, while 398 more patients succumbed to the infection, said a health department official.

Amid the Covid crisis, the Bihar governor on Friday will hold a meeting over the situation in the state. In Odisha, Puri’s Jagannath temple will be shut for weekends.

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