GK61 GK61x RGB Scorching Swap Impartial Driver Tyce-C ANSI Replacable House Cherry MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard DIY Equipment Case Plate PCB

Price: $67.00
(as of Jan 03,2021 16:56:51 UTC – Details)

Plastic Case + Feet + Stabilizers + Hotswap Type C PCB + Plate + Cable + Removal Tool + Space Module
Pls note:GK61x is wired kit.The PCB is fully programmable with GK software,the Fn key is the last key at the bottom and can’t change place.
This kit support 6.25u space and split double space.This plate is screwed to case directly.So if you want to replace normal GH60 case,you need to replace a non -replacable GH60 size plate is ok.
PCB has RGB presoldered,it’s under per switch.This kit need to use Cherry MX switches and clones,optical switches is not supported.
There is no switches in the kit,you can order Cherry Gateron Kailh SMD Box switches etc yourself.Just put in switches in PCB is ok,no need soldering again.3 pin 5 pin both are ok.If little keys not working,check the switch pin whether it’s bent at first.Especially Kailh switches
If you want to pull PCB off the case,pls see detail google link to see the video at first.The PCB and case is fit very perfectly which is hard to get PCB out.If you don’t get PCB off,it won’t break.If the USB port is broken after disassembly,please contact custom service for replacement and don’t return it with quality reason anymore.

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