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Sanitize ERZ is a no-nonsense, powerful hand sanitizing spray, designed to combat the spread of germs. We are an American company and our sanitizer is mixed, filled and distributed right here in the USA. By adhering to strict policies you can be assured that our hand sanitizer is formulated to proper specifications for your safety and well being. These easy to use 4oz. Bottles come in a 4 pack, so there is no need to find and fill small individual bottles. You can keep a bottle in several different locations, car, purse, backpack, office, kitchen etc. so you are never without a hand sanitizer. We suggest you spray your hands thoroughly with Sanitize ERZ, rub hands together until dry and replace the cap immediately. Through working together and taking reasonable and proper precautions during this challenging time, we can and will overcome this pandemic. Here at Sanitize ERZ we thank you for your purchase and wish health and safety to all.

RECOMMENDED GUIDELINES: Isopropyl Alcohol 70% OR Ethanol Alcohol 80% for hand sanitizers.
MADE IN THE USA: Our basic sanitizer is formulated and filled in an certified facility right here in the USA to assure quality.
CONVENIENT 4oz. SPRAY BOTTLES for home, travel, car, school and more. Our convenient 4 pack bulk hand sanitizer comes in a no mess alcohol spray pump design to insure proper application and coverage. No bulky bottles.
UNSCENTED HAND SANITIZER Contains no additional moisturizer or scent to avoid a slippery feel. You may use your preferred moisturizer with this product.