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Fascinated things you need to know about the duckduckGo

DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doesn’t track you and emphasizes protecting search privacy to avoid the filter bubble of personalized search results. No ads are targeted based on your searches and no social engineering techniques are used based on our search and another internet. Like google services it does not offer many services and also it does not have market shares. 


DuckDuckGo does not store your IP addresses or user information. Every month duckduckgo has 1.5 billion searches. It works broadly as it is the same way as any other search engine and 80 million people are using free privacy tools. The website answered 35 billion search queries for the year 2020 and major browsers like apple, Mozilla, and even google offer duckduckgo as search engines. 


Features of duckduckgo 


Duckduckgo is a website like Google where we can find what we need from the internet. Many people are using this website to search for content and answers to their questions. duckduckgo has some features that are 

  • Private search
  • No search leakage
  • Tracker blocking
  • Ad blocking
  • Do not track
  • HTTPS everywhere
  • Privacy grade
  • Burn var
  • Cybersecurity
  • Privacy control
  • Infinite scroll


Private search –duck duck go does not collect any cookies, IP addresses, or user-agent data. It will be private and we can search within our comfort zones. 


No search leakage – It does not leak any of your searches and it is a threat to your privacy. Your data and any website do not collect or track the information, unlike google, yahoo, and bing.


Tracker blocking – You can search free whatever you want from the internet because it does not track any of your searches and it does not allow any third-party tracker to cross your web details or collect your data. 


Ad blocking – It is a privacy-essential browsers extensions and mobile app that blocker will not allow any ads like banner ads and popups while you’re using it to search the content. 


Do not track – It is a global privacy control website that does not allow us to collect, share or sell our data. For your privacy, the device setting signaling is fixed or the GPC feature has on the website. Even chrome can not track our search in duckduckGo websites. GPS allows DDG for legal action if anybody tracks your details. 


Privacy grade – This feature is available in both the mobile app and the browser extension and even a blocked tracker to improve your privacy. 


Burn bar – This feature will delete your browsing data and all cookies from your device. It is like incognito mode in browsing and you can have an anonymous search function. Your search history entirely disappears but does not of your devices.


Cybersecurity – It blocks your search browser from accessing any unknown malicious sites. duckduckGo provides certain spares like cyberattacks with its content security policy. 


Privacy control – It has full control of your privacy settings, and you can turn on SafeSearch and toggle between the strict and moderate, enable, global privacy control, and have an option like changing your theme, region, and languages. 


Infinite scroll – It does not present any search result on multiple pages. You can get a single scroll and add more fast features like instant weather data, rhyme generators, visible social media bios, loan calculators, and great features for the developers.  


How to use DuckDuckGo?


There was certain procedure to follow for the usage of duck  

  • You can set a website as the default search engine so that you can open your browser preference and setting. 
  • You can download the browser extension which is available on chrome, firebox, internet explorer, Microsoft Edge, opera, and safari. 
  • You can install it on Ios or Android apps. 
  • You Can get privacy features and browning extensions in the mobile app. 


Pros of DuckDuckGo 


  • There will be no personalized or targeted ads. 
  • There will be privacy according to your prioritizes 
  • There is no leakage of searchers or any other personal information to the third parties.
  • Everyone can get the same result because no partiality or any other filter bubbles. 
  • There will be fun features like a rhyme generator, weather data, extra features for developers, visible, social media bios, and loan calculators. 
  • It is a simple and easy-to-use interface. 
  • It improves day by day and grows in popularity. 


How can we use DuckDuckGo safely? 


It is a long way to defend the right to privacy policy online. Even though it has many advantages, we need to use it safely. There are some key points to remember while we are using this website. They are browsers with a brave or CyberGhost private browser, Tor + DuckDuckGo = Total privacy, keep an eye on privacy Grade, update your antivirus program, and use a reliable VPN. 


Browsers with a brave or CyberGhost private browser – You can use a private browser like brave or CyberGhost private browser so that your search history and information will not be shared with third parties even if you are in incognito mode. This free privacy focus to block most ads and trackers. So that you can increase your privacy and security and also increases your browsing speed. 


Tor + DuckDuckGo = Total privacy – This tool makes it impossible for anyone to track your search history even if you are browsing data through multiple encrypted servers. It makes it default your search terms and address bar. 


 keep an eye on privacy Grade – It is a privacy grade to your websites so that you can visit websites. If you look for a single icon or letter in the browser’s main toolbar. Then the icon displays a privacy rating for any sites. And also DDG blocks all your trackers and improves your grades. 


update your antivirus program – Even if you use the privacy setting toolbar you need to update your antivirus program. You need to be full protection against some of the advanced cyber threats. 


Final words 


duckduckgo browser is the best website for privacy concerns, you can use it safely and it protects your search history as well as your information. 

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