Dutch Govt’s Tips on Safe Sex with Self and Others Post Covid-19

Safe sex tips in times of coronavirus | Image credit: Reuters (Representational)

The guidelines come after the Dutch advisory encouraging single people to pick and stick to one partner, who could be like a ‘sex buddy’, to meet their sexual needs.
Last Updated: May 24, 2020, 12:19 PM IST

After advising single people to find “sex buddies” to beat the lockdown blues, the government of Netherlands has come up with new and even more bizarre guidelines to help the Dutch find love and sex in the times of coronavirus.

In new guidelines issued by the Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment, citizens have been asked to enjoy “sex with yourself or with others at a distance”.

While the advice seems to be in keeping with social distancing norms, it is rather curious what the authorities mean when they ask people to maintain distance while having sex with oneself OR anyone else.

The government tried to give a logical solution to the “logical” need for single people to seek intimacy and physical contact by encouraging people to pick and stick to one partner, who could be like a “sex buddy”. It also adviced people to discuss best ways on how to go about having safe sex with their chosen partners before venturing on sexual adventures.

The impact of coronavirus – which spreads through contact – on the love and sex lives of people across the world is indeed sizeable as sexual intercourse is one of the few activities that cannot be achieved solo. Unless, of course, one is having sex with self, as the Dutch put it.

Many on social media also wondered what the cryptic advisory meant.

EU: Dutch government’s new coronavirus guidance says, ‘Sex with yourself or with others at a distance is possible.’

— Norbert Elekes (@NorbertElekes) May 23, 2020

The Institute, however, has a list of alternatives. Telling erotic stories to partners in place of having sex, for instance, or masturbating together while maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters have been suggested.

Among other rules and guidelines, the government asked residents to avoid any kind of contact, sexual or otherwise, with those isolating or quarantining due to COVID-19.

Netherlands lifted lockdown as per its four-phase plan to ease country’s economy and life back to normalcy under Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The country has so far seen 5,680 deaths due to coronavirus and over 43,995 reported cases.


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