Donald Trump Affords Weird Answer to Cut back Covid-19 Circumstances in US: Cease Testing

On Monday, US President Donald Trump outdid himself when it comes to bizarre claims about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In the past, he suggested that injecting disinfectants into the body of patients could cure Covid-19.

But this time, he took things one step further and said that the United States would have fewer cases if they stopped testing.

Trump was attending a briefing for “Fighting for America’s Seniors”, and he was asked about the alarming rate at which coronavirus cases were increasing in the country. Very nonchalantly, he said that one way of reducing cases would be to stop testing altogether.

Now, here’s the thing – stopping Covid-19 tests would certainly reduce the number of cases reported, because one wouldn’t find out if they tested positive in the first place. But it would not reduce the actual number of coronavirus patients, since people would continue to get infected even if tests aren’t conducted.

As a matter of fact, what Trump suggested has dangerous implications – if tests are stopped, people would not know if they have Covid-19. Without knowing, they could develop serious complications which could prove to be fatal.

This is not the first time Trump has suggested something like this. A couple of days ago, Trump was attending a tour of a medical supplies distributor. When quizzed about increasing number of Covid-19 cases, he said that US has the most number of cases because they’re testing more. He also went on to say that testing was “overrated.”

In fact, he had once said that countries like India and China would have much more coronavirus cases than America if they conduct more tests.

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Trump’s statements have kicked off a trend on social media, with several people trying to establish how bizarre his claim was.

“If we got rid of heads, headaches’d go down to nothing”

— Michael Green (@andmichaelgreen) June 15, 2020

If I don’t get it looked at, it can never be skin cancer

— William Global Yandemic (@barbershopraga) June 15, 2020

If I stare into an eclipse before you tell me it’s one I will be fine

— RJ O. (@YeahHeDid) June 15, 2020

If we stop testing for cancer we won’t need a cure. And won’t have any cancer in US.

— Ben Franklin’s Cousin⚘ (@Luluinportland) June 15, 2020

If we stop using pregnancy tests right now, there would be very few pregnancies, if any.

— Dr. Jack Brown (@DrGJackBrown) June 15, 2020

If we do not permit police to have breathalyzers then drunk driving will cease to exist.
Believe me!

— Art Martin (@gartmartin9) June 15, 2020

“If I close my eyes right now, it won’t be sunny anymore!”

— Trumpy Trumpy (parody) (@outofcontroljb) June 15, 2020

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